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Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Moms, you should be proud of your children and their accomplishments. A mom is a very special person and I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Mother's Day!

Classroom News

Today the 6 Flags Reading Tickets went home! Please check your child's folder for their free admission ticket valid from June 6th-July 31, 2016!

Don't forget, Thursday, May 12th will be the last day of homework and homework books. If you would like a summer packet (with a few things to work on) please let me know. I will be happy to make you a copy! (If we still have paper!!!) I will be sending a couple leveled readers home with your child to keep them reading though the summer. I will include a list of reading levels with DRA levels for you to find books over the summer.

The East Book Fair is going on now until May 12th. More information below!

On Friday, May 13th we will be taking another field trip. We will be going to Bennett Springs. This trip will need parent volunteers. If you would like to go, please message me and let me know you are interested.

You MUST have your ID badge and I must make sure everyone is approved before I leave school on Thursday, May 12th!

The Waynesville School District has made changes to our field trip policies. You must send a note to school with your child before the field trip if you plan to have your child check out on the trip. If the East office does not have a note and you wish to check your child out on the field trip, you will not be allowed to take your child. This is for your child's safety. We want to make sure the office is able to make sure the person picking up your child is someone who has rights to check them out from school.

If you do plan to attend the field trip and do not have a volunteer badge, you need to go to WCC to have your picture taken and receive your approved ID badge. You must wear your badge on the trip. If you have not applied to be a volunteer and would like to attend the trip, please let me know so I can send a volunteer form home with your child.

Have a great weekend!

Thank You!!!!

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts this week for Teacher Appreciation Week! I am truly blessed to be your child's teacher. I love this group and will miss them dearly! I had a great week with all the gifts, pictures, and hugs. I appreciate you for all you do at home and support you give me at school. Thank you so much! :)

Summer Birthdays

Does your child have a summer birthday? Does your child want to celebrate their birthday with treats at school? Not a problem! Please message me a date and I can schedule you a birthday snack day. I would like prior notice of 7-10 days so I can make sure we only have one day of treats. I don't want to schedule multiple students on the same day. Send me a class Dojo message or an email if you are interested.

Does your child plan on having a summer birthday celebration? If you send your invitations to school the last week of school, I will be sure to make sure your child invitations are handed out. Remember, per District policies, you must have an invitations for every student in the class.

Scholastic Book Fair

  • Book Fair opens on Monday, May 2nd.
  • Students will be allowed to go to the Book Fair on Wednesday during our specials time.
  • If a student brings money on a day other then Wednesday, they will go at a time that is convenient with our class schedule. Times are limited for the Library and our schedule will need to go with the Library's schedule.
  • If your child sends money, I will keep the money in a safe spot until they are able to go that day. Like stated above, I will send them at a time that the Library has free and fits with our class schedule.
  • Students must have at least $0.54 before they can go shopping. The cheapest item is $0.54. Any amount below will not be enough to make a purchase.
  • Parents will be contacted if their child has amounts greater than $50.00. Please don't send your child with that much money.
  • Yes, the book fair does charge tax.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 6th - Movie Night at East

Sunday, May 8th - Mother's Day

Monday, May 2nd - Thursday, May 12th - Book Fair at East

Thursday, May 12th - Boxtops Due

Friday, May 13th - Field Trip to Bennett Springs

Wednesday, May 25th - Attendance Party Celebrations

Thursday, May 26th - Grade Cards Sent Home

Thursday, May 26th - Last day of School (1/2 Day)

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Super Improvers!

Congratulations to our friends moving up the wall!

Brett G. - Specialist

Braden J. - Leader

Shaniyah R. - Specialist

Tara W. - Specialist


Can your child read this?

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Vowels - Oo

We are done learning each letter of the alphabet. We will now start focusing on vowel sounds.
The Long & Short Vowels Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

What Will We Learn Next Week?



Text-Based Comprehension: Character

Phonics: /o/ Spelled Oo

Conventions: Prepositional Phrases

Phonemic Awareness: Initial and Medial /o/

High-Frequency Words: Review Words

Writing: 6+1 Traits for writing activity and Free Writes




Science/Social Studies:

Force and Motion

Quarterly Standards

R.F.K.1.d – Letter Recognition

R.F.K.3.a – Letter Sounds

K.ELA.1 – Name Writing

L.K.1.a – Letter Writing

RF.K.3.c – High-Frequency Words

K.CC.A.1 – Counting by 1’s and 10’s

K.CC.A.3 – Number Writing 0-20 in and out of order.

RF.K.1.b - Sounding out Words

RL.K.3 - Identify characters, setting, events in a story.

W.K.3 - Narrative Writing

K.CC.A.2 - Counting on from a given number.

K.CC.B.5 - Tell How Many (Student counts out objects)

K.OA.A.2a - Addition

K.OA.A.2b - Subtraction

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