Warrior Weekly

November 16-20, 2015

Things to remember!

  • A huge thank you to Christie for all of her work getting report cards and grade books to work. Also, thanks in a big way to Christie, Brigette and Sara Harrison for the many hours they put in to setting up both the Standards Report Cards for K-1 and the Grade 2-5 Report Cards. Both required a lot of work!
  • Swimming starts right after Thanksgiving Break for grades 3-4-5.
  • Holidays can be stressful for everyone, but especially children who hear too much, know too much, and have too little. Please be extremely mindful of every activity you do during these next several weeks and think it through from the perspective of all of our children and families!
  • Students have become careless with following proper procedures in the cafeteria. Please help them review that the cafeteria is for eating, not for recess or playing.

The Schedule! Happy American Education Week!


  • 1:00--Speech Case Conference
  • 2:00--Speech Case Conference
  • 2:30--Pow Wow
  • Grade Level/Department Meetings--Please be sure someone is turning in your minutes after each meeting.

Wednesday--11/18--Dress like your favorite book character!

Angie Taylor will be here for your follow-up information from the health screening!

  • 7:35--SMART Start--Power Up Tier Two planning using current data from NWEA, F&P, progress reports, etc. Each grade level team will meet in their grade level area. I will be sending specific information to you early next week. The Special Area teachers will meet in the Conference Room.
  • 10:00--Instructional Coaches' Meeting
  • 11:00--Annual Case Review


  • 7:30--4/5 Corporation Math Committee Meeting
  • 7:35--School Improvement Team Meeting
  • 6:30--Movie Night
  • 7:35--RtI Team 2--Chris, Debby, Kris, Susan, Deb, Christi, Keith, Teresa
  • 2:15--Kindergarten Writing Celebration!
Happy American Education Week!

Enjoy this short video on the 100/0 Principle. It is a great way to think of our relationship with our students and families, and even each other!