Donald Trump Makes America Great

What is Donald Trumps plans?

Donald Trumps goals

As you can see Donald Trump has made a lot of promise to all of us all but one of his main thing he really want to do is build a wall at Mexico so we don't get if you ask me that sounds wrong it's true that we do need to decrease rates of immigrants but building a wall will not only make people that can illegally come over can't come because of Trump

What Would Happen If He Was President?

The number of illegal immigrants will decrease throughout the years.The wall won't just keep the illegal immigrants out,it's gona keep terrorist out too.If the illegal immigrants stay out then the more jobs are open for us Americans because the illegal immigrants has always cam here and took our jobs and they are getting paid the same amount as us.He is a great supporter and he is the only best supporter out of all the people

Donald Trump Promises

Donald Trump Promises To 'Dismantle' Wall Street Reform. In an interview with Reuters published on Wednesday, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trumpsaid he will release an economic plan in two weeks that will undo nearly all of the financial reforms that went into effect in 2010.

Why Should We Vote For Donald Trump?

I have 5 reason to why u should vote for him:
  • His business acumen can be used to actually create jobs instead of offering empty lip service
  • His business savvy will ensure that we do not continue to pile up debt
  • He’s anti progressive liberal, which means reining in abortion as birth control, huge entitlement spending, and wasted investments
  • As a leader, Trump is decisive and not wishy-washy and subject to change like the current POTUS
  • Trump is more of a traditional, religious type, which is in desperate need in America right now
  • The Donald takes what he wants and doesn’t kowtow to foreign weaklings

That's Why We Need to Elect Donald Trump for 2016