Whey Proteins

Mass Gainers

Why Whey Proteins and Mass Gainers?

For anyone inclined to body building and athletes, experts often suggest health supplements in order to help them reach their goal of building their body easily. The most commonly used among them are protein powders and mass gainers, and when taken along with a balanced and healthy diet, these supplements can help you gain weight and build muscles just as you intent. However, one needs to be very careful before consuming them as overuse or ditching your meals for these supplements can backfire.

ProteinThe First Choice

The first pick among all the health supplements should be protein powder, whey proteins to be precise. Whey has a property to digest quickly and also to supply adequate proteins to muscles, thereby increasing the chances of muscle building and recovery. Another plus is its cost effectiveness; it can help you substitute the need of taking meat, fish or dairy products on a regular basis, which can be a costly affair.

Consuming those Extra Calories

Calorie consumption is highly essential for muscle growth; mass gainers are the best in supplying those extra calories. Protein powders like whey are filled with proteins, whereas mass gainer is rich in calories. With its help, you can limit your food consumption to what you can actually have. Just balance your diet and add the mass gainer to your daily routine. But, if you prefer low calorie diet or adding extra proteins to the body, whey proteins are the best of all.

For Carb Intake

Carb intake is also important for building muscles as well as body. When compared to protein powders, mass gainers supply a higher percentage of carbs to the body. So, just in case you miss a meal or want an energy boost, the mass gainer is what you should cghoose. At the same time, if you are going with a low-carb diet, nothing can help you better than protein powders.

Though whey protein and mass gainer help in supplying additional proteins, carbs and calories to the body and fuel muscle growth, they are not exactly the answer to rapid muscle building. These supplements in the form of shakes and powders are indeed convenient, cost effective and can sometimes be a meal replacement too, but for instantaneous results, regular work outs and adequate food consumption are the heroes.

So always fill in your tummy with quality foods such as lean steak, chicken, dairy products, rice, vegetables and fruits after a sumptuous workout and add the supplements for additional nutrients!

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