Business Office

December 3, 2021

Accounts Payable

Please keep in mind the PayRun dates for the month of December. For Thursday payruns, items need to be received by noon on Tuesday. For Tuesday payruns items need to be received by noon the.

To expedite the payment process please:

  • Forward any invoices to AP
  • Receive items in ESCAPE
  • Forward PO with backup (ie. packing slip)


Timesheet cut off was November 30, 2021 and are due to the District today December 3, 2021 by noon. Any timesheets received after that will be processed on the following month.

Contact Us

Dr. Conny Santa Cruz, Chief Business Officer

ext. 00131

TBA, Business Office Secretary I

ext. 00140

Guadalupe "Lupita" Reyes, Director of Fiscal Services

ext. 00132

Vanessa Guajardo, Accountant

ext. 00107

Vanessa Lujan, Accountant

ext. 00103

Rosalie Navarro, Accounts Payable (A-M)

ext. 00144

Daisy Alcala, Accounts Payable (N-Z)

ext. 00112

Melissa Silva, Classified Payroll Technician

ext. 00104

Sandra Celio, Certificated Payroll Technician

ext. 00108