Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Aaron Johnson

A new discovery

My name is Aaron Johnson and In Star Labs I unlocked the secrets to Nuclear Fusion. It took many years to learn about all of the details of the new energy source but with the help of my colleagues I finally did it. Some of you may be familiar with a similar energy source called Nuclear Fission but Nuclear fusion is by far the best. Fission reaction does not normally occur in nature but on the other hand fusion does because it occurs in stars such as the sun so sense its naturally occurring it will be easy to produce. Another difference is that fission is highly radioactive but fusion is not as radioactive. Although Nuclear fusion is not as radioactive as fission we are still taking precautions by always wearing hazmat suits. This discovery has a huge impact for us economically, for example, it will make energy more affordable and available for everybody which means more business and revenue who ever decides to allocate this new energy source. Even in impoverished areas it could be available for them as well and could be paid for by their government.

Date of discovery

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 9pm

Star Labs