Mother Board

What is it ?

What is a Motherboard as Fast As Possible

This is a very usefull video describing what a Mother board is .

A motherboard (sometimes alternatively known as the mainboard, system board, planar board or logic board, or colloquially, a mobo) is the main printed circuit board (PCB) found in computers and other expandable systems.

Who is Alan turing

what did he do ?

Alan Turing created the first computer . He was a code breaker and he created the first computer to crack German code . The computer was designed to crack codes . his invention ended the war 2 years early and saved countless lives . He also created the first electric computer . There has been a film made about his life . here is the trailer .

The Imitation Game - Official Trailer - The Weinstein Company

Information about him

Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, pioneering computer scientist, mathematical biologist, and marathon and ultra distance runner. He was highly influential in the development of computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of "algorithm" and "computation" with the Turing machine, which can be considered a model of a general purpose computer. Turing is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.