Barrow Tech Tips

October 2017

Flipgrid is excited to introduce our first laboratory Explorer: Gretchen the Neuroscientist!

Starting Monday, October 16th, Dr. Gretchen Neigh and her team will discuss the inner-workings of the brain and how it functions and allows us to do the incredible things humans can do. During this two-week series, Dr. Neigh will share daily updates covering a variety of brain-related topics. She'll also post discussion topics for your students and provide a place to ask questions. Our pre-knowledge topic is live right now and ready for your student's participation. When adding a Response, have your students include your school's custom hashtag so Dr. Neigh knows where students are Responding.

Following Hashtags Using Tweetdeck

Following Twitter hashtags allows you to dip into professional conversations anytime you want. I'm constantly inspired by what people are sharing on social media. Find some hashtags to follow, share your own classroom with those same hashtags, and start developing a professional learning network beyond our walls. I'm happy to help if you have questions. Watch below to see how I use Tweetdeck.


What is ClassLink?

ClassLink is a new single sign-on solution for staff and students. With ClassLink, you login once each day and have access to your resources without having to sign in again. It eliminates the hassle of remembering usernames and passwords for resources on the internet.

What is ClassLink replacing?

ClassLink is replacing our existing sign-on page (the page with the CCSD logo). It is also replacing student and staff start pages. With ClassLink, you and your students create your own custom start page.

How do I access ClassLink?

To access ClassLink, visit Login with your CCSD username and password. Are there any training materials for ClassLink? Yes! Instructional Technology created a Google Slide Presentation detailing how ClassLink works. There is a training video on the last slide that we highly recommend watching prior to using ClassLink.

When is all of this occurring?

On October 30, we will officially begin using ClassLink district-wide:  The staff start page will change to direct you to begin using ClassLink. If you have bookmarked you will need to update your bookmark and change it to Student start pages will change to point to

What if I want an app added that’s not already listed in ClassLink?

To request new apps for ClassLink, create a Helpdesk ticket and choose the ClassLink category. We need two items in order to create a new app: the name of the app and the URL.

May I start using Classlink now?

Yes! ClassLink is ready to use now. It is available at You and your students may login with your Windows username and password. There is some setup for most apps that you will use. Be sure to checkout the training video for more details.

What if I have questions or need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any member of Instructional or Infrastructure Technology for assistance or submit a Helpdesk ticket