Tech Neck

Taking the fear out of technology

Tech Neck is an innovative idea to help senior citizens understand new computer technology

Voice activated

Makes life simple

Check your email and go to pages in seconds with one word

Learning something new is a tough obstacle for senior citizens.

The new "Tech Neck" would take the fear out of technology and help senior citizens connect to the world today. Computers can help those with limited mobility keep in touch with family and friends. With the Tech Neck, the user will speak into the voice activated necklace and the computer will perform any task that it is asked to do. Other computer programs have voice activated typing, but the Tech Neck can interact with any program that the computer has installed.

The Amazing Voice Activated "Tech Neck"

The most innovative idea around

What are you waiting for? Get your Tech Neck today!

Tech Neck is a unique necklace that makes technology simple! It is portable and will easily fit around your neck so that it can go wherever you go. No matter what computer program you have, Tech Neck will answer and help you with any computer problems or questions that you have. It will also let you give a voice command and the computer will do whatever you ask...except cook! Do not delay, get your Tech Neck today!