The Videogame Report

Your Videogame Reviews Now! By Aidan Kendrick

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

The Story: You are Link, a teenager. Its your birthday and you got the hero outfit from your grandma  and a telescope to borrow (not keep, borrow) from your sister. Shortly after, you are in a watch tower with your telescope ( I mean your borrowed telescope) and then you see a giant bird drop a girl into a forest on a mountain. So you decide to rescue her, but not without a sword, so you go to the blacksmith shop and for your birthday the blacksmith gives you the heros sword and teaches you to use it. Now you venture to save her and thats where your epic quest begins. The Graphics: The graphics for this game are cartoonish and a little cell shady, but honestly I love those types of graphics. All of the colors are bright and welcoming execpt for the dungeons (by the way the music for the dungeons are fantastic). The Gamplay Mechanics: Everything in the game is so fluent. there is no real breaks in the characters actions. Rating: E for everyone. Final Thought: 4 stars.