Cohabitation Is A No

The reasons why you should be against cohabitation


  • Many couple that go straight to cohabitation and don't wait to get married then move in together often rush the relationship.
  • Feel obligated to stay in relationships because the couples become so "intertwined" and tend to get so invested with their relationship they feel that they need to get married.
  • They feel that they need to stay in a relationship, and make sure they have a future together even if they aren't particularly happy together

Too Much Time Together

  • The converse of the pro of wanting to spend more time together is spending too much time together.
  • Either significant other craves for the freedom they once had. It can be suffocating at times and make either cohabitants feel that they made the wrong decision and the way is was before cohabitation was better.

Poor Financial Management

  • In all relationships money management problems are common.
  • One partner may be responsible and good about paying bills while the other is poor with money management.
  • Cohabitation is also difficult because one person may have be more stable financially than the other and that can cause a problem.
  • This can affect the relationship in a negative manner, and put lots of stress on the couple.

No More Excitement

  • Couples that live together before marriage have a lack of excitement once they are married.
  • Tend to feel little to no excitement of living together because they have already experienced living together.
  • They don't have that excitement to look forward too and that tends to take away from the new thrill of buying a house and living together.

Unexpected Pregnancies

  • Couples are sometimes forced into cohabitation because of unexpected pregnancies. This also force couple to marry even if they're not fully committed to each other, or the relationship.

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