Weekend at Lake Forest Camp!

Teaching Students Survival Skills for 20 years now!

Survival at its Finest

Steps to take in order to ensure your survival:

1. Always have water and non perishable food

2. Find ways to create shelter and protective clothing/gear

3. Carry some sort of weapon for self defense and good

4. Lastly, remain sane

Each student will go into extensive programs which allow them to fully immerse themselves in a "need to survive" environment and will be trained how to do so successfully.

This will be hosted on the third weekend of September 2013

Email survival.camp@aol.net for more information in regards to capacity, fees, and insurance.

Learn how to survive from scratch on your own

Are you ready?

Are you ready for what may come? What the future holds?

You will be after a weekend at Lake Forest Survival camp.