Come to the BTI!!!

Its good for you and your brain to come here!

If you have a brain injury and want it examined come to us!!!

We can get it examined and maybe have to do acupuncture. Our building is on Plaza 1 MetroCenter near the titans football facility.

We have some of the best furniture and therapy around!

We do physical therapy, vocational therapy, cognitive therapy, acupuncture and we do some simple, physical and cognitive tests. We have 7 employees so the work gets done properly and we have a t.v. which you can watch some shows and sitcoms while your waiting. We have the most comfy chairs in the world and you can relax on the couches while watching t.v. And don't worry your brain will be fine after we fix your concussion and you wont get dumb from a concussion, unless you had a pre-existing condition.

Things that are important.

We provide the treatment for the most reasonable prices!!! $2120 for one week $4240 for two weeks and $6360 for three weeks. (the consultation costs $120, the use of the CT scanner costs $1250 and the therapy's cost is $180 per session.) NO refunds!!!!
Funny Vines: I Think I Have a Concussion
concussions can happen anytime, anywhere and it can look funny but its really serious.