Kinder Corner

Week 28

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Home Writing Journals

All of the Kindergartners are becoming wonderful writers! Now that we have a strong sense of the letter-sound connections, we are able to apply our knowledge to produce phonetically spelled writing! To further encourage their development and love for written communication, we urge you to incorporate writing for your child at home. Your child could help you make your grocery or to-do list. You could start a home writing journal, which can be used in a variety of ways. It can be private for your child to record his/her thoughts, stories, etc. It can also be a 2-way communication tool between family members where you write and respond to notes from each other. Graphic novels are hugely popular right now, so if your child loves that genre, let them create their own! Whichever way you choose to implement regular writing at home, please remember that phonetic spelling is developmentally appropriate and recommended. We want your child to feel successful and want to try. If we require only correct spelling, children become discouraged and tend to develop a distaste for writing. After all...who knows? You may have a future best-selling author living in your home! :)

Curriculum Coming Up...

Language Arts/Social Studies


-Letters: Gg, Ww

-HFW: she, he

-__eat word family






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