Study Stack Attack!

A study tool and time saver

Using Study Stack...

Study stack allows students to play games like Hungry Bug, hangman, and matching. These work great on the SmartBoard as review. Also, students can print off flashcards to study or take a practice test. There are printable activities that I can use as well to help students learn the vocabulary.

Students Reviewing in Advisory

Lesson Plan

To review Greek and Latin Roots, students played the matching game. I called students up one-at-a-time to answer one match. Students also like to answer in pairs in advisory (study hall) to practice for upcoming tests.

I feel like study stack is easy to implement. Once the information is uploaded, students can study independently. It only took 10 minutes to type in information. Sometimes I have a student aide or a student asking for extra credit input data, as well. I can also print off activities for review. The only problem is that it does not work on all Smartphones. By calling students up to answer one match, it is fast-paced and students stay engaged in review.
By Marla Jones