Trust the Experience Leader in the Field Of Plastic Industry Company

At New Way Plastic Industry Co., LTD we can say that we maintain a desire for constant improvement in all areas that converge to be a leader and a leader in the field of plastic industry company including Food container, storage box, Soap box, waste bin or any other plastic product. The quality of our products is backed by the experience and desire to excel professionals who form this company. Always and in all fields our effort is clear, pledging to respect for the environment.

Our equipment allows us to produce a product of the highest quality in mechanical properties and durability. So starting from the most advanced technology with which we make our products in compliance with all applicable European regulations regarding the emission of pollutants, we ensure the safety, quality and commitment to the environment.

The company has as one of its main aims customer satisfaction, so we are continually developing. We are committed to serve the best and that our greatest advertising the quality of our products. Our management is current and dynamic fitting your needs. The advance as it based on continuous research for the best raw material and offers the best end product.

As our relationships with both trash can supplier, waste bin supplier and customers try to be the best. If you wish to contact us you can do so through the information specified in the contact zones and location.