Disney World

Addie Taylor


Category 1 Souvenir Stand

Souvenir Cup: 15*.20=3 15-3=12

Foam Flower: 12*.20=2.4 12-2.4=9.6

Balloon Flower: 10*.20=2 10-2=8

Light up Sword: 18*.20=3.6 18-3.6=14.4

Category 2 Main Street Magic Shop

Magic Movie: 30*.3=9 30-9=21

Magic Ropes: 15*.3=4.5 15-4.5=10.5

Trick Cards: 31*.3=9.3 31-9.3=21.

Magic Liquids: 12*.3=3.6 12-3.6=8.4

Mystery Box: 22*.3=6.6 22-6.6=15.4

Gag Gift: 18*.3=5.4 18-5.4=12.6

Category 3 Candy Palace

Life Size Mickey Sucker:90*.4=36 90-36=54

Bag of Mixed Candy: 25*.4=10 25-10=15

Caramel Apple:15*.4=6 15-6=9

Rock Candy:12*.4=4.8 12-4.8= 7.2

Fudge: 30*.4=12 30-12=18

Category 4 Disney Clothiers

Jackets:120*.25=30 120-30=90

Shirts:35*.25=8.75 35-8.75=26.25

Dresses:56*.25=14 56-14=42

Tees: 22*.25=5.5 22-5.5=16.5

Shorts: 20*.25=5 20-5=15

Category 5 Food Menus

3) Hamburger, fries, and a salad with a drink :16.50

16.50*.08= 17.82


Category 6 Options for payment








44.7+447.05= 491.75


When you are looking for the discount price, you are usually trying to subtract or take away money. When you are solving for tax, money gets added to your final price. I figured out the entire discount prices by using a few easy steps; I began with the Souvenir Stand. I’m going to use the Flower Balloon as an example. First, I figured out the original price, which is 10, and then I multiplied it by the discount price, which was 20% off. So when my multiply 10*.20 you get $2. Then you subtract 10-2 and you get 8. 8 is the new total cost. Each time that you solve this type of question, you use the same exact formula and the same exact steps.

When you pay with cash the only extra money that you will have to pay is tax. When you pay with credit card/personal loan, you have to pay interest on everything that you buy. Interest is the fee charged by a lender to a borrower for the use of borrowed money, usually expressed as an annual percentage of the principal; the rate is dependent upon the time value of money, the credit risk of the borrower, and the inflation rate. Here, interest per year divided by principal amount, expressed as a percentage. Also called interest rate. Definition from http://www.investorwords.com/2531/interest.html#ixzz3XxevSMvz. Credit cards give you a big sum of money that you can use. But, every time that you buy something you have to go and pay the credit card company back. Credit cards are not based on how much money that you do have, so that’s how many people get into debt through their credit cards. This can result in a bad credit score. At the end of the month, you get a bill from the credit card company. Some companies require the money in one payment, but some also can accept the money in small payments. Overall cash is the best way to go. Because it’s pretty much no strings attached.