Capuchin monkey

Cebus apella


kingdom animalia

  • If the brown monkey is in the kingdom animal their are not perkoyotes
  • all animals and the brown monkey from kingdom Animalia they are mullticelluer
  • The Capuchin monkey is a heterotroph

phylum cebidae

  • the cebids are usuallly found in the tropical and the subtropical areas of the central ad south america
  • Cebids include some of the smallest primates and the smallest true monkeys
  • all Cebids are characterized by rounded heads and with large, forward facing eyes also with short muzzles

subphylum vertabrata

  • their digestive system has a large digestive glands,and a liver, and pancreas
  • they also have ventral heart with 2-4 chambers
  • paired kidneys with ducts to drain waste to exterior
  • well developed body cavity (coelom) containing visceral systems
  • blood with red blood corpuscles containing hemoglobin, and in addition, white corpuscles
  • movements provided by muscles attached to endoskeleton

Class mammalia

  • all mammals share at least 3 characteristics all together
  • short mammals have a short life(Capuchin monkey)
  • mammals eat an enormous variety of organisms.

order primates

  • the Capuchin monkey is a primate and is divided into two groups called the Streptomycin and the Haplorrhini.
  • Capuchin monkey lives in the tropics or subtropics,
  • The Capuchin monkey is a arboreal.

Family chordata

  • They have bilateral symmetry
  • they all have a segmented body
  • Three germ layers and a well-developed coelom.
  • single, dorsal, hollow nerve cord, usually with an enlarged anterior end (brain)
  • The capuchin monkey, it's tail projects beyond (posterior to) the anus at some stage of development
  • pharyngeal pouches present at some stage of development
  • ventral heart, with dorsal and ventral blood vessels and a closed blood system
  • complete digestive system
  • it was a bony or cartilaginous endoskeleton when its present

Genus Cerbus

capuchin monkeys

Species cebus apella

  • Cebus apella is found east of the Andes from Colombia and Venezuela to Paraguay and northern Argentina
  • Cebus apella inhabit moist subtropical or tropical forests
  • Brown Capuchin monkeys vary in color from light brown to mustard yellow to black.
  • The shoulders and underbelly are lighter than the rest of the body.


They can go up, and down. They can also go along branches and trees/trunks,clinging to both horizontal and vertical supports. They travel to one tree to another by moving through the foliage where the two trees meet or by leaping across gaps.

what it eats

Their Fruits are a large part of brown capuchin monkey's diet. This species can eat larger fruits than other species of capuchin monkey because of their robust jaws. Vegetation, seeds, pith, eggs, insects, reptiles, birds, and small mammals

color of the Capuchin monkey

The Brown Capuchin monkeys has light brown to mustard yellow to black. The shoulders and underbelly are lighter than the rest of the body. There is a patch of coarse black fur on the crown of the head, sometimes referred to as a cap. Above the ears the black hairs form tufts of fur giving the species one of its common names.

Capuchin monkey body part (whats it for)-size

its tail is long and prehensile. The Cebus apella is the only species of Capuchin monkey known to carry its tail that is a tight coil.

This species is robust and stocky. Brown Capuchin monkeys have a deep lower jaw and large jaw muscles to accommodate a diet of large fruits and rough vegetation. The males Capuchin have larger body than the female Capuchin.

Capuchin monkey predator

The predator of the Capuchin monkey are the hawks and eagles.The male protects its troop from the predators by sounding alarm calls when theirs predators around like hawks and eagles.

where it lives/range

The Capuchin monkey lives in the subtropical or tropical forests, but has also been seen in dry forest, gallery forest, disturbed and secondary forest.In northwest Argentina these monkeys live in montage forest at an elevation of 200 to 1100 m. Their natural range for Capuchin monkey are 1300 to 4800 g
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