Math Empowers Grade 3

Middletown Township Public Schools

Third Grade: First Trimester: 2018-2019

The school year is off to a whirlwind start! In the first trimester, third graders already extended and developed their knowledge of numbers and base 10 to include thousands. Recording, analyzing and interpreting data ..... Soon, third graders will be introduced to the concept of multiplication. The resources in this newsletter were chosen specifically to support teachers over the next few months. Be sure to keep reading.

Building Math Minds

As instruction transitions into multiplication, it's important to review some frequently misunderstood topics; procedural fluency, conceptual understanding and computational sense. Check out this video Math Terms for Elementary Teachers by "The Recovering Traditionalist" Christina Tondevold. In this clip, Tondevold compares the three terms and emphasizes the importance of all when being a mathematical thinker.

Follow Graham Fletcher on Twitter! @gfletchy

Graham Fletcher is coming to Middletown on December 12th 2018 for 3rd grade math teachers! He has served in education as a classroom teacher, math instructional lead, and currently as a math specialist. Graham’s work with the math progressions and problem-based lessons has led him to present throughout North America and beyond. He is continually advocating for best practice in elementary mathematics by seeking new and innovative ways to support students and teachers in their development of conceptual understanding. We are honored to host him in Middletown this winter! Check out his website, or his library of 3-Act Tasks, or his progression videos.

Math Instruction Resource Document

Be sure to explore the Math Instruction Resource Document while planning lessons.

Looking ahead, the printable activities listed under GoMath lessons 3.1 and 3.6 are perfect for developing conceptual understanding of multiplication. Also, "Lego Array" listed under the engage section for 4.3 is great for mathematical discourse. Check out the Math Instruction Resource Document frequently for instructional ideas and resources.

Improving Student Discussions

Classroom discussion during lessons is one way to determine the readiness of the students and the intensity of the rigor. One way to improve discussions is by incorporating accountability and reflection by video taping discussions. Read more here.
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