End of Year 2015-2016

Randolph Field ISD

Summer is Almost Here!

Congratulations! We've made it through another school year! We wish you all a safe and restful summer.

Please see the information below regarding EOY information and procedures.

Change Your Network Password

Passwords expire after a given time period (240 days). If you don’t change your password before you leave for summer, it is possible that your account will get locked out.

To change your password press CTRL--ALT--DEL on your keyboard, select ‘change password’ and then follow the on-screen directions.

For those who have an iPad, ensure you re-enter the new password under whatever email app you are using.

Clean Up Your H Drive

Space on your H drive is limited to 2 GB. Please save only critical files on your H drive. Movies, music, photos, etc. frequently take up the most space. Information about sorting files is available here.

Cleanup Your Outlook Mailbox

It's possible that your inbox will fill up over the summer, preventing you from sending and receiving emails. It's important to remove large and unnecessary emails. Information about cleaning up your Outlook mailbox is available here.

Backup Your Documents

  • Backup any critical files to your H drive. Space is limited to 2 GB; please save any personal files, music, photos, etc. to a flash drive. Information on how to check the amount of space used/available is available here.
  • Backup eBackpack files to the "My Files" section in eBackpack. If these files are NOT backed up, all of your files will be lost. More information is available here.

Label Tech Equipment

  • Label all technology equipment in your classroom with your name and room number. This includes computers, printers, Elmos, iPad carts, remotes, etc.
  • If you are moving rooms (ES and MS), please indicate your new room number on the labels.
  • You do NOT need to disconnect any of your technology equipment. The technology department will take care of that for you :)

Student Devices

  • All student laptops should be the laptop cart and charging. Please ensure the power cords are organized and not tangled as technology will be updating the laptops over the summer.
  • Place all classroom iPads in the iPad cart and charging. The iPad cart key will be picked up June 2, 2016. If you do not have an iPad cart, iPads will be collected June 2, 2016

Teacher Devices

Randolph Elementary: Please turn in your teacher laptop and iPad to Jose Lopez or Brian Adams in the library on June 2nd.

Randolph Middle/High: Please turn in your teacher laptop and iPad to the technology building on June 2nd.

Summer Professional Development

There will be multiple opportunities for technology training this summer!

  • You can choose to receive a $100 stipend OR 1/2 of a “choice” day
    • ALL choice days MUST be approved by your principal prior to registration.
  • Each staff member is limited to 3 stipends.
  • You cannot receive compensation if you attend the same session more than once
  • All trainings will be from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
  • Dates and locations for each training are listed on the same page that you register on.
  • You must register in Eduphoria in order to attend.
  • Each training will be limited to 12 people. If you enroll for a course and find out that you cannot make it, please make sure that you unenroll.
  • If you or your team would like assistance with curriculum planning, please email Cameron to coordinate.

To view the “catalog” and to register for trainings:

1. Login to Eduphoria (rfisd.schoolobjects.com) and select “Workshop

2. Under the “View Courses by Category” section, select “Technology Training

3. If you find a course that interests you, click on it.

4. If you’d like to register for it, click “register