It Takes A Village Club

Help children succeed in life

It Takes A Village to Raise A Child

There are many disadvantaged children in the Atlanta area, many of who need our help to succeed in school. Come volunteer at shelters and after schools and help tutor these children. After the homework's done, you can hang with the kids and play games or just talk. The best part of this club is that it's on your schedule. Have a huge math test Wednesday and have to study the day before? That's alright, you can go Thursday. Further, this volunteer opportunity is bffl friendly. You can go change a child's life with up to 3 other friends! All we ask is that you go once a week!

Club Meetings: Every Monday at 7:50

ITAV has an organizational meeting every Monday at 7:50. The meetings are shorts, basically updates on what's going on. All you have to do is sign up for what day you're coming that week. There are 5 afternoon spots for Rainbow Village, our main organization right now, but there's more to come!

Club Officials

Earn Beta Hours and Have Fun!!!

It Takes A Village

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at the email below