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It's Back To School Time!!!

What a great time of year for students, staff, and parents. We have officially started the 2018-2019 school year. Hallways have been cleaned, decorations are posted, and busses are back on the roads. The campus is buzzing with excitement. I am excited to know that throughout this year we will see great plays on the athletic fields, hear beautiful notes sang and played, see artwork produced that will win competitions and most of all have staff that will help change lives for the positive. It is a great time to be a Falcon!

How Will You Inspire?

I want to share with you some thoughts about this school year I have discussed already with the staff. At the end of the last school year, I asked our staff a question. How will you inspire? I asked them to think about it all summer. I told them we would revisit that question on the first day of staff in-service. It is a very intriguing question. Inspiration comes in many different forms and during the most unlikely times. As I reflected on the question myself I felt that I came back to one thought over and over again. I can't know my "How" until I am certain of my "Why". Simply put, why did I become an educator? Why did each one of us in the school district pass up other opportunities to work with students? I found this video and it helped give me some clarity. After watching the video I decided to make a little equation to help others understand my thoughts.


I know my "Why". I want to change the lives of the students and staff that I come in contact with through education and positive relationships. I already knew my "WHAT". I have been blessed to be the Superintendent of Clinton-Massie Local Schools for the past two years. "What" I do has so much more impact if I remind myself daily of "Why" I do it. As I put those two things together I am able to answer the question, "How will I inspire?". I am motivated every day to meet the needs of students and staff. I want to set a good example for those under my care. I have set goals for myself this year to inspire. I have asked the staff to do the same. At the end of our first in-service meeting, I asked the staff to answer my question, "How will you inspire?" Their answers can be found here. It will be a great year if we inspire every day.

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Patriot Day Activity will feature high school students this year.

Each year Clinton-Massie Local Schools takes a moment to remember those lost in the 9/11 attacks. We celebrate their lives through activities on Patriot Day as well as take time to reflect about those in our own lives we have lost. This year the high school will be our participating school. On September 11th please dress in the color of your class; Seniors/White, Juniors/Blue, Sophomores/Red, Freshman/White and the Staff will wear Blue. We hope to spell out the words "United We Stand". There will be activities in the other buildings commemorating this day.