LSES Weekly Update

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Week of February 29-March 4

Principal's Message

Dear families,

I cannot believe we are already in March! We have accomplished so many wonderful things, and hope to do even more as we get our students ready for next school year. We are so privileged to continue receiving the support of many community agencies. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have joined with the current support from the Hillsboro United Methodist Church, and Hillsboro First Baptist Church to provide for the needs of our students and families. We have many volunteers who have already signed up to help in the classrooms, after school, and take projects home. We are so appreciative for all the support we receive to make this an even more amazing school!

I also want to remind all our families that tomorrow, March 1st , Kindergarten registration opens for 2016-17 school year. Please make sure to contact our school to pick up a registration packet.

Have a wonderful week!

Carmen Brodniak

Lincoln Street Principal

A peek into the 4th grade...

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Recently, 4th graders had an awesome opportunity to watch Mr. Williams dissect a pig's eyeball (generously donated by The Meating Place). Students spent time comparing and contrasting human and animal parts while they observed and identified the major structures of the eye.

4th Graders are beginning a mythology unit in reading. Their focus will be the myth "Hercules". On March 3rd, they will be starting a project with NW Children's Theater. Our students will be taught how to act out the Twelve Labors of Hercules. They are really looking forward to this wonderful and interactive way of combining literature with movement. In social studies, 4th graders will be beginning a 4 week simulation of the Oregon Trail. They will be tasked with writing a paper from the point of view of a pioneer character (that they will create). It will be interesting to see what sights their pioneer characters will get to see and what people they will meet along their journeys.

Be sure to ask the 4th graders about it later this month!

Loteria and Pozole Night

Last Friday, the PTO and PAC hosted a family night. They made and served pozole (a Mexican soup), played loteria (Mexican bingo), had a raffle, a bake sale, and there was a special sneak peak of the book fair. Our principal, Mrs. Brodniak, led the loteria games with great enthusiasm and was assisted by our P.E. teacher Mr. Cossio. There was a great turnout with parents, teachers, and community members coming together to have a great evening, getting to know each other, and hoping to win some great prizes. Thank you PTO and PAC for such a great evening!

The Book Fair is here!

Reading is vital to every child’s success, and raising kids as readers means getting involved while they’re young. Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Of all the skills children learn, it is the one you can influence the most. Giving kids access to good books and the opportunity to choose books will motivate them to read more. And like most acquired skills, the more kids practice reading, the better they’ll get.

We invite you to visit our Scholastic Book Fair and experience a celebration of reading that provides families the opportunity to get involved in a universal mission: encouraging kids to read every day so they can lead better lives.

We look forward to having you participate in our Fair, and remember - 100% of the profit from the Book Fair goes towards buying more books for every classroom in our school.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at:

Goodbye Jacobsens

Jacobsens Books in downtown Hillsboro is closing this week. They have supported our school throughout the years with reading programs and donations. We are sad to see them go. Thank you Jacobsens for all the support you have provided to our students and community!

What's happening this week:


Book Fair 7:15M-2:30PM

TAG grades 4 & 5 1:15PM-2:00PM

Lynx Academy 2:10PM-4:00PM

BLAST 2:10PM-5:00PM


Book Fair 7:15AM-2:30PM

Oregon Symphony Young People's Concert Grades 3-6 and Life Skills Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 9:30AM

TAG grade 6A 1:15PM-2:00PM

5th & 6th grade band 2:10PM-3:45PM

Chess Club 2:10PM-3:30PM

BLAST 2:10PM-5:00PM

Mariachi 4:00PM-5:30PM


Read Across America Day

Book Fair 7:15AM-2:00PM

Early Release 1:35PM

Adelante Chicas 1:40PM-4:00PM

BLAST 1:40PM-5:00PM


Book Fair 7:15AM-2:30PM

TAG grades 6B 1:15PM-2:00PM

Chess Club 2:10PM-3:30PM

Lynx Academy 2:10PM-4:00PM

BLAST 2:10PM-5:00PM

Mariachi 4:00PM-5:30PM

Concert and Curriculum Night grades 5&6 6:00PM-7:00PM


Book Fair 7:15AM-2:30PM

TAG grades 2 & 3 1:15PM-2:00PM

Lynx Academy 2:10PM-4:00PM

BLAST 2:10PM-5:00PM

Harvest Share 2:15PM-5:00PM


HSD Mariachi Una Voz concert at M&M Multinational Market 3:00PM

Lincoln Street Elementary

Lincoln Street Elementary serves over 560 elementary students in grades K-6. Our school has a Dual Language Program in grades K-3 and we hope to add a new grade level per school year until we complete a K-6 Dual Language program. Please visit our Website or contact our school for additional information regarding our programs and services, or to get involved in our school.