Run Here Comes the Zombies

By Tyler Martin

Rocky Mountains

Run to the Rocky Mountains, they stretch all the way from Alaska to New Mexico so you have many states to hide in. The Rocky Mountains are younger and taller than the Appalachian Mountains, They also are more rugged and pointy that will make it harder for the zombie's to climb the mountain and come and find you. The Rocky Mountains also contain the Continental Divide if you get on one side of the divide hopefully the zombies will be on the other side and won't be able to get to you.

What I rate the Rocky Mountains

I rate the Rocky Mountains a 8 out of 10. I think you have a high chance of survival in the Rocky Mountains because it stretches through a lot of states that you can hide in. Since it is very rugged it will make it hard for the zombie's to get to you but it might also make it a little bit harder for you to run from the zombies.

My rating of the Basin and Range Region

My rating of the Basin and Range Region is a 10 out of 10. I think you will 100% survive the Zombie Apocalypse in this region. I think this because it is a isolated area that have lots of different heights so you can hide in a low area or a high area. I would recommend that you hide in Death Valley because it is the lowest point and I think it would be hard for the zombies to get to you there. Plus maybe they will be scared that it is called Death Valley even though they are dead already.

Best places to hide are the Rocky Mountains and Basin and Range

The worst place to hide is the Great Plains

Everyone be safe out there!!!