The Throne Of Fire

by Keon Vafaie

Book Backround

This book was written by Rick Riordan and was illustrated by John Rocco. The main characters were Carter and Sadie Kane, Bast (the cat goddess), Bes (the dwarf God), Jaz and Walt,and several others

The Plot

Carter and Sadie Kane have stopped being host to the Egyptian Gods(Horus for carter and Isis for sadie) and now they have to travel around the world to find the the three parts of the book of Ra so they can revive the sun god Ra so he can stop the god of chaos Apophis and get back to brooklyn to save there house from the magicians and monsters that Vladamir Menshikov has sent to destroy them

Did I Like This Book

I did like this book because it was entertaining and suspensful and it never really gets boring

What was my favorite part

My favorite part was when Carter created this giant eagle-headed avatar and beat up vlad menshikov because he did it without horus' help and it was funny he beat up vlad

Would I change the book

I wouldn't change the book because it was prettygood but i would change the fact the walt is dying

My Recommendation

I would recommend this book to people 123 and up and to people who liked Percy Jackson

Five Adjectives

Funny, Adventurous, Suspenseful, Discriptive, and Energetic

type of language

It mostly used Colloquial Language except for Sadie because she's British and says stuff like " what the bloody hell was that" and other stuff so yeah and couldn't find examples because i turned in the book alread. To the library