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When to Know a Child is Ready for Contact Lenses

Children and teens who wear eyeglasses may wish to make the switch to contact lenses in Australia. They usually start to mention the possibility when they begin to be concerned about their appearance. Contact lenses can help boost self-esteem, which results in a more confident, productive and responsible child. They are also much more practical for children that are active in sports. There is no set age for wearing contacts, but here are some indicators that will help determine if the child is ready for lenses.

They Practice Good Hygiene

When a child has started to practice good hygiene, without having to be reminded this is a good sign that they are capable of handling the responsibility of moving to lenses. These are the kids that keep their rooms clean and their school work organized. They also are known to wash their hands frequently. Those that wear contacts, no matter what the age must follow strict hygiene practices. Lenses must be applied with clean fingers, using the recommended saline solutions. Also, they need to remember to change their lense case every 30 days.

They Need Them for Sports

Kids that currently wear glasses and play sports really do benefit from contact lenses. Making the switch and ordering Contact Lenses Online eliminates eye injuries related to the glasses during contact with sporting equipment. Contacts also avoid vision issues from glasses that get foggy inside helmets. Some parents decide that their child should wear contact lenses during sporting events depending on their current grooming habits.

They Understand the Responsibilities and Risks

Whatever the reason that the younger one has opted for contact lenses, parents need to emphasize the responsibilities and risks involved. Dirty lenses applied with dirty fingers increase the chances of infection and irritation. The child will need to understand the importance of properly disinfecting the lenses. This is why it is critical to only use the saline solution to clean them. They also need to be good about following the recommended schedule for replacing them. Under no circumstance should sharing contacts or even a contact case be considered. This can be unhealthy and risky. Those parents that feel that their child really does understand what is involved and is responsible enough, he or she is ready to move into contact lenses. Plan to supervise the child in the beginning as they become comfortable in applying the lenses and removing them.

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