The War of 1812

The Shocking Story

America's Reaction

Though the war started in 1803, the United States decided to join in 1812. A group of new nationalistic congressmen, from the land-hungry West and South, called the War Hawks pressured James Madison to declare war against Great Britain. Their reasons for war include: wanting to preserve national honor, wanting to restore farm prices depressed by trade restrictions, wanting to annex Canada to end British incitement of Indians, and wanting to annex Spanish West Florida.

Facts About the War

In January 1815, the British had decided to attack the New Orleans, Louisiana. During this battle, the British had more than 2,000 casualties, while the Americans only had 71 casualties.

Some important people in this war include: James Madison, the War Hawks, Andrew Jackson, King George the III, Napolean Bonaparte, Tecumseh, and Prophet.

The last two important people that I mentioned in my last paragraph are Tecumseh and his brother Prophet, who are both Native Americans. They were working to get the American Indians back together and try to drive the settlers out of the Northwest Territory. On his own one day, while Tecumseh was away, Prophet decided to attack nearby United States troops with other natives. The attack was unsuccessful and the troopers had won.

I have recorded some dates that should be remembered. In 1809, James Madison became President. In 1811 was the attack made by the Native Americans against United States troopers. In 1812, James Madison gave in to the War Hawks and declared war. In 1814, the White House was invaded by British soldiers and was burned to the ground. In 1815, British troops attacked New Orleans, and in 1815 is when the Treaty of Ghent was signed that ended the war officially.

The effect of the war is as follows; Many Americans now felt more confident about their new nation. They had won many battles and had stood up to Britain. It made Americans feel more united than ever.

And as always, America wins again.