Welcome To Australia

Written by Zion Narain

The Coup That hapend in the 80's

This advertisement is directed to people who live in Fiji and that were there in 1980 and had suffered and are still suffering from the coup. Moving to Australia will be a benefit for your family because its easier to get jobs and earn money. Now if your reading this and your not in Fiji or haven't been affected by the coup and don't know what the coup is, well the coup is when people fight with the government and over power them its illegal and definitely violent.

Tourist Attractions -Why You Should Go To Australia?-

Visiting Australia is a dream for some people because of a beautiful and famous landmarks such as the Sydney Oprah House, and the Big Pineapple and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is also the Red Rock, the Big Banana and more! So if you were to live in or visit Australia I would recommend going to these places.
Australian Tourism Advertisement