The Sanctity of Life

Abortion & Euthanasia

Abortion - Definition

The removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive

Euthanasia- Definition

An easy and gentle death, usually associated with release from incurable disease
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The picture above is an assisted suicide clinic located in Dignitas, Switzerland.

Religious Beliefs

Within religion, life is seen as something to be treasured and not wasted, as God gave you life. By having an abortion or euthanasia, it is going against God's word. Religious people believe that everyone has the right to live, including an unborn baby. If the baby or mother is in danger within pregnancy or if it will damage the life of either one, then an abortion is accepted as this would create unhappiness and harm.

Religious people believe that life is something that should not just be thrown away. If euthanasia is performed then you are seen to be selfish and ungrateful. It is something you can never take back

Non-Religious Beliefs

Non- Religious people believe that abortion and Euthanasia, should be a free willed choice by the specific individual that it applies to. If a mother has an abortion, that would be her desicion and should not be looked down upon. If a person was to decide that they would like to be euthanised due to severe discomfort and physical and emotional pain from an incurable disease, then they should be entitled to a painless death if they wish as it is there choice

Extra Facts- Euthanasia

. It is illegal in most countries to perform assisted suicide

. Assisted suicide is available in Dignitas, Switzerland

. If you traveled to dignities from another country where assisted suicide was illegal, you would be immediately arrested if you were present at the time

. It is a painless death

. There are many different views and opinions towards euthanasia

Extra Facts- Abortion

-In some religions such as Islam, it is forbidden to have an abortion unless it will threat or damage the babies or mothers lives in anyway

- It is sometimes a very traumatic,emotional procedure

- They're are many views and opinions towards it

- Some doctors may not perform an abortion if they are highly religous