Monroe Memos

What's Happening?


December 20- Jill Polster 22- Sharon Roe

29- Lauren Coomer

Merry Christmas!

As a way to say thank you to everyone for an amazing first half of the school year we will have snacks in the lounge Monday! Stop by when you can, grab a treat and socialize with others.

Thank you for being a team and working hard to make Monroe a great place for kids and adults. This job requires a big heart, a belief in all kids, endless energy, a sense of humor, commitment to the bigger cause and so much more! Each of you plays a special role that is critical to making each piece of the puzzle fit together so uniquely. Thank you for your contribution to our school family! Susan and Chris

This Week...

Monday- Last full day before break, Hang in there!

Tuesday- ERD (Teacher Work Day)

  • Morning Assembly 9:00a.m.
  • Sing-A-Long 9:15-10:15 (Specialty area supervise, classroom teacher plan time)
  • Families 10:15-10:45
  • Christmas Parties 11:30-12:30
  • Lunch in room- schedule will be emailed Monday.

Next Week... (January 4-6)

Monday- No School

Tuesday- No School

  • Teacher Work Day- no meetings.
  • District Administrator's meeting at CO.


  • Students return
  • PBIS Boot Camp in afternoon
  • PBIS Boot Camp in morning

Beccah and Erin- December is always a special time in the world of music at Monroe. The third grade musical took tremendous patience, planning and persistence and wow the kids rocked a great show because of you! Now we're on to the school sing-a-long, the best day of the year! This is a fun time and builds a great sense of community and school spirit. Thank you for choosing songs that allow everyone to feel connected in ways that only music can do- awesome work ladies!

Lauren- This is a busy time of year for families needing meals and gifts. Thank you for your willingness to organize and lead this task. The amount of donations has been incredible and our kids will have a special Christmas as a result. You have made some great connections with local organizations and the excitement they've shared about participating in this program has been awesome. It's neat to see families so appreciative as they've picked up their gifts and it is a great feeling to know we contributed to making their holiday special. Thank you for everything you did behind the scenes to make this work so smoothly.

A glance at January...

4- Teacher Work Day / Administrator's Meeting

5- Students return / Boot Camp in afternoon

6- Boot Camp in morning

10- Faculty Meeting

11- Progress Reports printed in a.m. (Comments on struggling areas and retention


12- Progress Reports go home

13- Full Day PD- No students in attendance

16- No School

27- Morning Assembly and Families / Reading Analysis Sheets Due Monday