say away from drugs and tadaco.

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deing scard of dare officers

Article 1 Title: being scard of d.a.r.e oficers is something some people go throw like haveing something to say but you cepe it in side. dare oficers see some things other people dont see and they can talk to you. and you mite warm up.

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how bad tabaco is.

how bad tadaco is. tadaco is verry addictiv and efects all the parts of your body. tadaco also mess with your brain.it macks you have lug cancer.tadaco macks you stinkand bad dreth stink and teeth root .tabaco can also mack you die sooner or sut down your heart or lungs.

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drugs hrut you.

drugs hurt you. when people do drugs some drugs can change your brain that could last all your life. people die actually adout 4,739 die a year. you probly think that drug just hurt the people that do them but it hurts the people arowned them and some time they can forget to tack care of there kids or pets.
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bad not good for you tabaco adictiv substins lung cancer a cancer drugs a verry bad substinc damig to phyiclly hurt you scard be afrad D.A.R.E officers good people