Chromebook Troubleshooting

Click and Learn Chromebook Mini-Lesson

Chromebook 101 v523

Get Connected, Stay Connected!

When you are working with a Chromebook at your school, you need to make sure that you are connected to the network. In order to do that, check out the bottom right had corner of your screen for the internet icon. If you any of the steps you take in the following troubleshooting areas, then make sure you follow the steps to report the specific problem(s) to the IT Helpdesk.

Learning about your keyboard

When you first open up your laptop and turn it on, you will need to use the keys immediately! Everyone uses the keys to type in their username and password. Once you are in, it is important to know that each key has a purpose. You can also press combinations of keys for different actions. After you take a look at the following three images below, click on the green checkmark button on the bottom of the screen to do some activities!