Women & Children on the goldfields

by Israa


In 1854 there were approximately 4000 women on the goldfields in Ballarat compared to about 12500 men. Most of these women were married.

Roles and responsibility

The women would do alot of things. Some of them would have to stay at home and help their children and husband. They would also do the cleaning ,cooking and do the laundry. If the women didn't stay at home they would either go work at a shop or they would help their husband dig. Another job the women would do was entertain, they would sing and dance to impress the miners and earn some money.


During the goldfield days women that were pregnant didn't have much help from the doctors because the doctors were too busy helping people that were about to die. Also there were no hospitals for the pregnant women, so the women had to have people by their side.This was why most women didnt survive or had horrible illnesses and deseases. Some of the illnesses such as diptheria, a desease caused by unclean crowded places.


These are the schools that some of the children on the goldfield days used to go to.When children went to school in 1854 the teachers would always change schools if there weren't enough children to teach. In this picture there is about 25 children. Most children at school used to have trouble learning because their parents couldn't afford to pay for their school.

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