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In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction started on March 22, 2021. Almost exactly 1 year from when we had to switch to Distance Learning! It has been an incredible journey to get back to this point. A HUGE thank you to our families for your continued support as we navigated through these unprecedented times in education. It has been a big learning curve for everyone and your unwavering support and trust in us has been greatly appreciated.

We cannot express how excited we are to have our students back in the classroom! To watch the students engage with their peers and teacher has been amazing. Students have quickly adjusted to the new schedules and have been engaged in learning activities. We are already seeing some of the gaps in learning decrease as the students get extra help from our Title I tutors during the day.

For our families who are still in Distance Learning, we hope that you feel comfortable enough soon to have your child back on campus. We are still closely following all CDC recommendations requiring face masks, social distancing, barriers between desks and frequent sanitizing of high touch areas throughout the day (and a full cleaning every night), as well as regularly encouraging everyone to wash their hands! If you are interested in your child returning to campus, please reach out to your child's teacher, Mrs. Angela or Mr. Jack with any questions you may have.

April is going to be another busy month. Please make sure to watch Class Dojo for announcements and event dates. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders will be taking the annual state tests, A2M2 (formerly AzMERIT) during April. Watch Class Dojo for information, tips in preparing your child and dates. We ask that you please have a conversation with your child(ren) about the importance of doing their best on these tests.

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We are excited school is getting back to normal. Students are here and learning is going on while we follow all those practices that keep us safe. We continue to be "bucket fillers" and learn more ways to be in charge of our emotions.

Five (5) new staff members have joined the team to support the learning process: Sarah Sahin, Kailey Maynard, Daniel Zamora, Vennill Yazzie and Ottalie Davis. In addition, we have started our extended day program!

Thank you for your help in getting your child to school on time. When a child arrives between 7:30 AM-7:40 AM, there is plenty of time to eat breakfast and get settled into the school day which begins at 8:00 AM.

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Whether your child is participating in In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction on campus or Distance Learning, daily attendance is mandatory. Each program has different requirements outlined below.

In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction Attendance Requirements:

  1. Students are required to be at school daily by 7:55 AM (8:55 AM on Wednesday) and stay until the end of the day 2:15 PM (or 11:30 AM on Early Release)
  2. If your child misses any part of the day, it may cause your child to receive either a 1/2 day absence or full day absence which is determined by how much time they miss.

Distance Learning Attendance Requirements:

  1. Students must attend both Zoom Sessions (9:30 AM & 1:30 PM) Monday-Thursday and the 9:30 AM Zoom on Friday. If they miss any of the Zoom sessions it is an automatic 1/2 day absence.
  2. Students are required to complete and turn in all assignments the teacher sets up in Class Dojo by the end of the school day (2:15 PM) or they may be receive a 1/2 day absence.

We have had several inquiries if students registered for In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction cannot be at school can they do it online that day. The answer is no. This is not an option. Per state requirements, students can only be enrolled in one program. So if your child is enrolled in In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction and they miss a day, it will be an absence. If your child is enrolled in Distance Learning and you would like to switch them to In-Person Teacher-Led Instruction we will work with you to make that happen, but that change will be through the end of the school year. We cannot have children switching back and forth per the policy you signed when you chose which program you would like your child to participate in.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Angela.

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Re-Registration has begun for the 2021-2022 School Year! If your child will be returning to Academy Adventures Midtown in August, please make sure to click on the link below and re-enroll your child so they do not lose their space.

Beginning April 1, 2021, we opened enrollment up to the community. We have had a lot of inquiries about next school year! Let your friends and family know about the school! What better way to fill the school then with people you know! There are some incentives for referrals that stay enrolled the first 100 days of school!

Space is limited so make sure you save your child's space! If you are unsure if your child will be returning, please select "YES" and keep us informed if that changes. If you have any questions regarding registration for the 2021-2022 School Year, please contact Mrs. Angela via Class Dojo or your child's teacher!

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) continues to be a focus at the school. Although we do not meet daily as a school to do our SEL lessons on Zoom, SEL is being taught in the classroom by your child's teacher daily.

As a school, we continue to focus on bucket filling and making decisions that will fill our buckets and those around us. The students are amazing and always work hard to be bucket fillers!

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Mrs. Gilbert's Class

If this month wasn’t March Madness, I don’t know what it was! March 2021 has been an AMAZING, pivotal and exciting month here at Academy Adventures Midtown!

We will continue to show our bucket-filling behaviors as we enter a month of testing, adventures and strength. We will have our Galileo Testing and our CAT testing. We are here to support your students where they can boast about what they know!

Our Kindest Kinders have met ALL of the SuperKids! That is HUGE news! They are able to identify and spell ALL of their names! This means we are going to be focusing on putting together and reading sentences of our SuperKid Friends! Being back to teaching in the classroom has been beautiful as I got to witness the retention of Distance Learning videos, as the amount of progress and understanding when we started to explore sentence structure, writing and reading was astounding! Through our GoMath, your students are expert at Two-Dimensional shapes! This will smoothly transition us into Three Dimensional shapes and Measurement and Data.

Fabulous First continues to demonstrate how FABULOUS they are! Currently in SuperKids, we are exploring nouns and verbs. With the verbs, we are making them change into future, current and past tense, which helps us when it comes to reading and comprehension! We will phase into increased writing and learning the writing process to help us with fact and opinion and poetry writing. We have started the measurement and data section of GoMath! If you see your student with a ruler, encourage them to measure and note the inches in what they are measuring!

Super Second has transitioned AMAZINGLY to campus learning! We have been working hard at our reading and comprehension throughout the day! Our students are reading paragraph stories, implementing prefixes and suffixes and contractions and expressions in reading! That is a lot to take in, and they have picked it up in stride! We are about to finish up our measurement chapter of GoMath, and will spend some time reviewing digital and analog time reading!

As always, I can never truly express my appreciation, pride and love for the students here at Academy Adventures Midtown! I am always open to discussing your incredible students, so if you need to get a hold of me, please do not hesitate! Thank you for being the best support we all need in your student’s academic and emotional path!

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Mrs. Campbell's Class

Happy Spring! The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are gearing up to take the AzM2, which is our state assessment. On ClassDojo, I will be posting websites and articles on how you can help your child prepare and practice for these important tests.

The terrific third graders and fantastic fourth graders have been learning about our solar system, the constellations, and the relationship between the sun and Earth. Students are using the conjunctions so and or. They have started identifying and creating compound sentences using these conjunctions. They are also being introduced to the correct punctuation needed for presenting items in a series in a sentence and will review the use of quotation marks in dialogue. Students will be working with singular and plural possessive nouns. Students will practice using the suffixes –ful and –less as well as review the suffixes –ous, –ive, and –ly and will continue to apply knowledge of how suffixes change root words.

In GoMath, the terrific third graders have begun their chapter on fractions. Students are learning how to identify fractions and how fractions relate to a whole. In our next chapter, they will learn how to compare fractions with both the same denominator and different denominators. They will also learn how to put the fractions in order from least-to-greatest and greatest-to-least.

Knowing their multiplication facts and being able to solve n x 4 = 8 will help immensely moving forward. It will also be very helpful for them to know the factors of a number (1, 2, 3, 4. 6, and 12 are factors of 12) and how to find the multiples of a number (multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc.,).

In GoMath, the fantastic fourth graders have been working on their chapter on multiples and multiplying fractions by whole numbers. They will move into learning how fractions and decimals relate to each other, working with money (decimals!) and using place value to start learning about ordering decimals. Continuing to practice multiples (multiples of 4 are 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, etc.) and factors (factors of 12 are 1, 12, 2, 6, 3, and 4) will be of tremendous help.

The Fabulous Fifth Graders have begun learning about the Reformation. The Reformation was a movement involving religious and political upheaval that shifted the power in Europe from the Catholic Church to the state and led to the creation of Protestantism. Gutenberg’s invention of an efficient printing press helped fuel the Reformation movement and allowed Martin Luther’s and others’ ideas to spread quickly. Great advances in science were also made during this time, some of which challenged religious doctrine and contributed to the undermining of the power of the Catholic Church. Students will review subject-linking verb agreement in the present and past tenses, prepositions, and correlative conjunctions. They will continue to work with interjections in sentences and the prefix en– and the suffix –ist.

When they finish the unit on Reformation, they move onto A Midsummer Night’s Dream where they will experience the joy of reading, speaking, performing, and listening to beautiful language that has thrilled people for over 400 years.

In GoMath, the fabulous fifth graders are completing their chapter on multiplying fractions and whole numbers, comparing fraction factors and comparing mixed numbers. In the next chapter, they will begin dividing fractions and learning how fractions and decimals relate to each other. Knowing multiples (multiples of 4 are 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, etc.) and factors (factors of 12 are 1, 12, 2, 6, 3, and 4) will be of tremendous help.

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Thank you to all the students who participated in our Spring Break Enrichment Camp! Students were engaged in many fun activities! Students got to use the Unruly SPLATS in person for the first time and loved the interactivity! Students who attended all three (3) days got special Bucket Filling T-Shirts!

We are working on a Summer Enrichment Camp this year for enrolled students! Make sure you complete the Re-Enrollment form so that your child can participate this summer! Watch for details in Class Dojo as they become available!

Check out some of the pictures from Spring Break Enrichment Camp below!!

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As part of our Title IV-A Grant, Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Gilbert have been working with small groups of students on learning computer coding using Unruly SPLATS. Unruly SPLATS are one of a kind interactive machines that the students code to do light up, play music, create timers, and so much more! Now that we are back in school, we are using them to keep the students active!

Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Gilbert will continue to work with small groups of students in the After School Program to create more fun, interactive games that all the students can play during the school day!

Click on the link below to view the segment on KOLD News 13!

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MARCH 2021

Congratulations to our Award Winners! These students demonstrated hard work and positive attitudes!

Academics: Students demonstrating superior academic performance

Ezekiel J.

Camden V.

Tristan K.

Mya V.

Attitude: Students having a "want to do" and "can do" attitude

Iris W.

Anthony P-D.

Key'vea H.

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Parent/Guardian involvement in their child's academics is very important to their child's success. At Academy Adventures Midtown, we strongly encourage parents/guardians to participate whether it be by reading with your child at home, visiting the classroom, attending school events or simply keeping in touch with your child's teacher to make sure your child is doing well.

Your suggestions on our program and how you can be more involved are always welcome! If you have ideas for more family involvement, please send Mrs. Angela a note in Class Dojo! We always LOVE new ideas!

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National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs

Students are loving the new hot breakfast and lunch options! Don't forget that students who are not on campus can request to pick up breakfast, snack and lunch for home. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Campbell.
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Academy Adventures Midtown is very lucky to continue to have Cakes for Causes (CFC) donate healthy snacks for our students! Cakes for Causes also donated themed snacks for the first two days of Spring Enrichment Camp!! For My Oh My Pizza Pie day, they brought two big cookies that looked like pizza! On Cloudy for a Chance of Meatballs day, they brought Italian Meatball Cookies! Both snacks were a huge hit with the students!

Check out Cakes for Causes and their mission!

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As a reminder, school begins at 9:00 AM on Wednesdays.


School begins at 9:00 AM on Wednesday and will be dismissed at 11:30 AM. Thursday school begins at 8:00 AM and will be dismissed at 11:30 AM. Both days are required school day!!!!


Join us for another fun Title I Family Game Night! We will be playing BINGO again! The Game Night will be via Zoom @ 6:30 PM.

Watch Class Dojo for link to the Zoom session and link to get your BINGO cards. There will be prizes for winners!

We had a lot of fun last time! You don't want to miss out!


School will be closed on April 8th.
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District Notice of Discrimination

Academy Adventures Midtown does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to all programs. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Patricia Campbell, 520-777-3757 or email at: