The Aftermath of the Holocaust

By Jackson Martin

The Aftermath of the Holocaust

The holocaust was a tragic time with many topics but, in the aftermath of the war certain areas were getting hit hard. With the Nazis scrambled and still having an effect on the Jewish people and having the same beliefs about Jews and similarities to this very day, the Holocaust is still destroying lives. Modern day Nazis still on the run, the Jews and their faith questioned with Holocaust similarities in the same manner as they are now and then. The Nazis after the Holocaust are still on the run but in different ways and forms.

Modern Day Nazis

Modern day Nazis are here with the same beliefs as before and as passionate about it as ever. These Nazis are known as Neo-Nazis or Hitler's Children, these are people who are in a group of people who are trying to bring back Nazism and for another group of Jewish killing groups in Germany. Farther east is a group of Muslims who call themselves Isis who want Jews and Christians dead and are terrorist who are starting another Holocaust in Iraq. Both of these groups are killing all in their way and won't stop and both groups want Jews dead.

Todays' Holocaust

The holocaust was full of terrible things but its similarities to today are outstanding, full of the same ideas across the world.Anti-Semitism are another name of this group along with Modern Day Nazis like Neo-Nazis and racist or stereotypical ideas against Jews as a whole. Muslims/ Isis beliefs, Anti-semitism, People and today's society vs. then all contribute to the aftermath of the Holocaust

In conclusion the aftermath of the Holocaust and its similarities to today are astounding and full of death and destruction, from Jews to similarities to today's society the change and what has not changed. The events following the Holocaust are still having an effect on the world and how people live and think today.