PreK II News

Week of September 8th

What's SPECIAL this week?

*This week we are learning the letter "B"! We are going outside to play with bubbles! On Friday, we will also be making butter!
*In the classroom, we are introducing letter and name tracers to work on handwriting and name recognition.
*On Wednesday and Thursday, we are showing our self control by making a handprint page to tame the roaring lion inside. Be on the lookout for these in the hallway!
*Chapel is on Friday!

September's Learning Focus:

Books of the Week

"A" Themed Books
"B" Themed Books
Self Control Stories


*If you haven't already turned in the ASQ, please do so ASAP!
*If you're going to pick up your child in the lobby, please park in the parking lot so the pick up line is not held up.

Family Partnerships

*Address Sheet by Friday