Seventh Grade Weekly News

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Language Arts

Join us on our journey to Middle Earth! This week we will continue with Bilbo Baggins as he begins his adventure with Thorin & Co. This unit is titled: There and Back Again - What Science Fiction and Fantasy Can Teach Us About Ourselves and will take our readers on a hero's quest.

Students will be working on reading standards (7RL1), grammar practice with prepositional phrases (7L1) and continue vocabulary integration (7RI4). Also as we complete reading chapter six, the students will view the Peter Jackson adaptation of The Hobbit (the first part) to compare and contrast a written story, to its filmed version, analyzing the effects of techniques unique to each medium. A writing assignment will be given at the conclusion of viewing the film.

Please read the course syllabus with your child and send in the signed parent page. This was emailed to all parents.

Please review your student's Cornell notes with them and help them to build strong study habits by studying nightly; quizzes will be given. Have a great week!



This week in Math, students will take the end of the unit test on Monday and the State Standards Post-test on Thursday. In class, students will complete a mini-project on furnishing a home given a budget where newspaper clippings will be used.

Upcoming :STAR Testing on Tuesday, 9-1-15. New unit, Expressions and Equations. Students should practice solving one step equations.


Standard S7L2: Students will describe the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. Last week we completed the unit on the scientific method. Students had lots of practice working through the steps of the scientific method such as the laboratory experiment picture shown in which students investigated the germination of a lima bean.

This week in science we will begin our unit on cells! Students will learn the characteristics of all living things. Homework will be distributed Tuesday and due Thursday. There will be a quiz on The Characteristics of All Living Things this Friday, 9/4/15.

Please ensure that your child has registered for 7th Grade Life Science on Edmodo. If they have not done so, the code has been reset and they will need to join using the code psgrun.

Social Studies

Standard SS7G4 The student will describe the diverse cultures of the people who live in Africa.

Important Dates: There will be a test on Friday, September 4, 2015. Students should be review information related to standards SS7G,1 SS7G2, SS7G3 and SS7G4 in preparation for the test.

LPA Spirit Shirts

The spirit shirt's uses are for field trips, field day, and any other days specified by the school.

-All t-shirt payments will be made through

-Please print both the order form and your payment receipt and submit both forms to your student's homeroom teacher by Friday, September 4, 2015.

*Sibling orders have to be placed with each child's homeroom teacher


The ClassDojo incentive program is up and running. Thanks to all the parents who have already accepted the email invitation and are monitoring your child's progress! If you have not accepted the email invitation, please do so. If you did not receive an email invitation, please ask your child for the ClassDojo information form that was distributed the first week of school so that you can return the bottom portion with your preferred email address.

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