Integrating Drama

Throughout the curriculum

Gaining perspective

The arts have the potential to transform one's worldview, opening new perspectives through movement and visceral interaction with materials.

Music can tape into moods, dance brings learning to its feet, and drama can bring new insights about life and helps students connect with the feelings and views of others.

In a 5th grade class, students participate in a Meeting of the Minds. This is the teacher's brief write up of the activity for the local paper.

Some of the world’s most famous explorers gathered to discuss their future Expeditions. Along with sharing information about their explorations, they were also looking for members to join their crew. They presented persuasive essays as they looked for members to join their crew. During this unit of inquiry, students researched reasons for and knowledge gained through exploration. They studied explorers of the past, present, and future.

What was the value in this type of activity?

What standards are met?

How could this be used as a form of formative or summative assessment?

Boston Tea Party

Drama at all levels - Middle School Example

Why integrate Drama?

Increases motivation, concentration, and focus

Stretches perspective

Reading Skills - Comprehension and fluency

Listening, speaking, and non verbal communications

*agility with creative problem solving skills

Social skills - Empathy, personal reflection

Avenue to new understandings

Assessment made easy