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Week of: March 9, 2015

Retro Wear Day!

Such fun to see all the creative outfits today!
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March 9: IREAD Practice Test 1:00-1:30

March 13: IREAD 1:00-3:00

March 13: $1 Hat Day for CRES Scholarships

March 20: Spring Party & CRES FEST Basket donations due!

March 24: Author visit with Chad Morris

CRES Fest Basket

This year our theme will be SPORTS NATION! We will be accepting donations for our class basket now through March 20th! Any sports related donation is greatly appreciated to help make our class basket a success.

Star of the Week:

I can't wait to celebrate each one of them and the uniqueness they bring to our class. A folder will be sent home on the Thursday BEFORE your child's week. This has a letter for you and all the information you will need to help them.

March Stars:

9- Carsten

16- Adam


30- Payton

April Star:

13- Taylor

Related Arts

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

**Library is every Monday!

What Are We Up To In Room 115?


We are beginning to do some things with measurement! As March Madness begins we will each pick a team that makes it to NCAA Tourney and use graphing to compare statistics from their regular seasons.


March Madness is well under way! Please make sure your child fills out their log at home too! They can count any types of reading that they do.

We will be gearing up for our big test on Friday so not many new things this week; lots of review and practice with our skills!


Thank you for all your egg donations! We are making geodes and can't wait to see what happens! We are also experimenting with other rock types.


New words to come on Monday, March 9th! We will be doing words with ending of er/ier and est/iest. Our test won't be until March 20th due to IREAD reviewing and testing.

Katelyn Nussbaum

As always, feel free to contact me anytime!