Water Quality Specialist

Join the Water Quality team at NCSU!

What I did?

While the Shadowing only lasted four hours, I still managed to do some interesting hands on activities during my visit. While there I took samples (clear plastic containers) of water for their research efforts. I sadly didn't get a chance to utilize any of the technology provided for the student and employees. I took about 4 samples of 2 different ponds around state campus and delivered them to one of the main researchers. Which were surprisingly clean compared to many other samples that I was exposed to.

The Facility! (Business Description)

The main focus of NCSU water quality group to analyze and evaluate non point source pollution control technologies and water quality programs In North Carolina and Nationwide. The overall mission of the group is to enhance NCs water quality programs while being in assistance to waste management and natural resources. With Non point pollution issue coming from agriculture, forestry, urban land use, and construction. They strive to increase the effectiveness and benefits derived from their research and extension efforts at the University, by using cooperative testing efforts. While there I took samples from local ponds and lakes to determine the quality and effectiveness of Non Point pollution. (The picture is NCSUs main water lab)

The Employee I Shadowed was one of my Managers from Chick Fil A (Ashley Geiner)


Ashley Geiner!

As mentioned before, she is an Field tester, Data collector, and Analyzer. So basically her duties are testing products or pieces of equipment under the actual conditions in which it is intended for use. Also Collecting all the data that was recorded in a specific environment/ testing facility. Lastly she Keeps the health of our (NCSU) water within optimal qualifications using water quality monitoring equipment. She is graduating this year and has been working under this facility for 2 years, and plans to continue and further her education in water quality.