5th Grade News

April 29, 2016

Student Spotlight...Guess Who?

There are some great people and things happening in 5th grade... Guess who...

  1. This student demonstrates good behavior on a consistent basis. Way to go Mylie S.!
  2. Kudos to this student for showing responsibility by staying out of her fun PREP class to complete work from when she was absent. Good job, Ava H.!

Coming Up...

  • Mon.-Fri, May 2-6-Teacher Appreciation & BOGO Book Fair
  • Thurs., May 5- Progress Reports
  • Fri., May 20- Field Day & Parent's Night Out (movie night)
  • Fri., May 27 & Mon., May 30 NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workday & Memorial Day)
  • Tues.- Thurs., May 31-June 2- 5th Grade EOGs (order to be determined)
  • Mon.-Wed., June 6-8-"5th Grade Celebration" Week (more info coming soon)
  • Wed., June 8 @6:30-5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Math- EOG Review Week #2

We will continue to review all of the standards that were taught this year! Students will be focusing on a specific standard in class, however, their NIGHTLY HOMEWORK will be spiraling several different standards at once.

Please use the links below to have your child practice Order of Operations. Most were struggling with this in class.

- http://mrnussbaum.com/orderops/

- http://www.math-play.com/Order-of-Operations-Millionaire/division-millionaire.html

Please start/continue practicing multiplication facts at home. Fractions are the bulk of the 5th Grade Math EOG and knowing their multiplication facts makes this easier.

English Language Arts (Reading)

Students are still working in their Historical Fiction Book Clubs.

Next week we will begin reviewing for the Reading EOG with narrative selections. There will be a passage for "HOMEWORK" nightly. I will give the students time in class to complete the passage and questions, however, if your child does not finish it in class, it will become homework. We will focus on using test-taking strategies to analyze and answer the questions.

Please make sure your child is still reading a fiction book for enjoyment and jotting nightly. This book should come back and forth from school to home. Remind them to log their reading on Biblionasium daily.

Science- Genetics and Heredity

This week we finished up our unit on Body Systems by taking our unit test. Our next unit will be Genetics and Heredity. During this week long unit, students will learn the difference between innate and learned behaviors, as well as discover which genetic traits are passed down through generations. We will have a Vocabulary Test on Thursday, May 5th, and our unit test on Friday, May 6th.

The Genetics Unit Vocabulary List can be found on my Weebly. Also, in preparation for the Science EOG, I have added all the vocabulary lists from every unit we covered this school year. To practice vocabulary words, I would suggest creating vocabulary flash cards with the word on the front and the definition with examples on the back to promote further understanding.


Promotion Ceremony Invitation

You should have received an email containing your invitation to the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony. The ceremony will be on Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30 p.m. Please feel free to forward/send the link to anyone else you would like to have an invitation.

If you did not get an invitation, 1st-check your junk mail (from pingg.com) if you can not find it, 2nd-click on the following link. http://www.pingg.com/view_announcements/a655njd7kd84p8x37/index .

Compass Learning

-website www.thelearningodyssey.com

-individualized per MAP Scores

-60 minutes per week (~3-5 activities) completed in class

-80% is considered mastery

-grade will be given for completion/effort shown (weekly)

*Any extra you do at home will greatly help your child, there is a correlation between this program and the EOGs.

The xxxxxxxx represent the student id number. The ........ represent their

Date of Birth in YYYYMMDD format.

Example: John Doe, 86743555 born 1/10/04

Username: cmssites\8674355 Password: 20040110