LV Technology

Meagan Ehlke

Typing Web

*I like it because you have to correct you mistakes if you put in the wrong letter.

*We learned that you get timed and it helps me.

*It helps us type, by giving us sentences to type.

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Explain Everything

*Its fun because you you can put pictures and write on it but then you can record you saying it.

*Its easy and you can really help someone if there like stuck on a math problem.

*Its a good thing to use because you can record your self then you can send it to other people.

Hour of code

*I liked it because you made your own game.

*Its good because if you to be a game maker it will teach you how to do it.

*We learned how to make fun games.

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Email Educate

*We should do this more often because it helps people with writing an email.

*I like it because it gives me the proper way to write an email.

*It helps us learn how to write an email the right way.

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