Believe in what you want to believe in.



-Communion- drinking a sip of wine or grape juice and a piece of bread to symbolize the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ.


-Church- a time where Christians come together to sing, pray, and worship The Lord, their savior on Sundays.

-There is a lot of singing Christian songs during church bad church held events.


-There is the one and only God. (Monotheistic)

-There is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

-Jesus rose from the grave after three days and nights and he will come again for Judement Day.

-Jesus died on the cross to pay for everyone's sins so that they could be in heaven with God.

Holy Book-

-the Bible- separated into two chapters, the New and Old Testiments. Contains the Lord's Word and Testiments for Christians to read and learn from.


-Christmas- celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25.

-Easter- celebrating the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave after being crucified on the cross on a date between March 22 - April 25 every year.


-God created the Earth in seven days and he created the first man, Adam, then the first woman, Eve, and they lived in the garden of Eden. Then, they had disobeyed God's rule from eating a fruit form the center most tree for Adam and Eve had been tricked by a serpent of who was actually the Devil. Thus was the start of sin. Then, throughout the many years, God has shown his miracles and wrath the Earth and it's people.



-Involves images (murtis), prayers (mantras) and diagrams of the universe (yantras).

-All homes have an image or icon in a shrine in their home to worship.

-Individuals would make offerings to their deities like water, fruit, flowers, incense, etc.

-There is a Hindu temple where Hindus come to worship outside of their homes. The different sections of the temple symbolize different things.

-The central shrine is the heart of the worshipper

-The tower represents the flight of the spirit to heaven


-A few of their deities consist of Brahma, Shiva, Lakshmi, and Vishnu. These deities or gods represent something on Earth like wealth, creation, wisdom, and etc. Himduism is polytheistic.


-Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is a popular holiday for the celebration goes on for days and the different colors of lights and fireworks are appealing to the children. Diwali is a celebration of conquering good over evil.

-Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi's birthday. This deity has an elephant head and is very popularly used for praying to.


-There is no definite starting point for many Hindu traditions started many thousand years ago. Hinduism is an accumulation of many of those traditions.

Holy Scripts-

-Although Hinduism doesn't have any holy books, they have a few holy scripts. The Upanishads are the oldest and most mystical. The Mahaburata has many famous stories of their deities (The Baghavad Gita is a part of it.) And the Vedas is the most philosophical.



-The Mormons, members of the Holy church, believe that God has a plan for his children.

-They believe that there is the single, all-powerful God. Judaism is monotheistic.

-They believe that the messiah will come and recue the righteous. Although, they do not believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son or as the messiah.


-The holy place of worship for Jews is the synagogue. The synagogue is a place of worship, prayer, and where Judaism can be taught.

Holy Book-

-The book of Torah is said to reveal God's instructions to the Jewish people. This book is derived from the Christian Bible but there are a few differences like they do not believe in Jesus Christ.


-Jewish New Year, standing for "head of year," this holiday is solemn and is considered a holy day. Unlike a typical New Years, the Jewish New Year occurs in September or October.

-Shabbat is the Saturday of each week that Jews are forbidden to work on. This day is meant to celebrate the joyful ness of rest.


-Judaism started back as to when God created mankind. Jews were considered God's chosen people and they followed him from then until now. Throughout those many years, god has shown his wrath and kindness to the Earth.



-Karma is a belief that your past actions can affect you later positively or negatively later in your life. Also, they think that if they do good while they are alive, then they will be blessed in the after life.

-They believe that everyone on the Earth has gone through a continuous cycle of reincarnation where once you die, you come back as a whole new person to the Earth.

-Buddhists can believe in as many gods as they want, singular or multiple.


-The Buddhist temple of worship, typically called a Stupa, resemble the four elements of fire, earth, water, and air.

-Worship can either be done at a believer's house where there a shrine with a Buddah, candles, and incense and/or they can worship in the temple.


-Dharma Day marks the beginning of Buddhist teachings. When Darma is translated, it comes and as truth and it is considered the path to enlightenment.

-Losar is the Tibetin New Year that occurs in February every year. It is a three day festival to be spent with your family and then exchanging gifts with friends and neighbors.


-The history of the culture of Buddhism is a story of man's spirutual journey through Enlightenment and the life lessons and teachings he had learn throughout the way.

Holy Book-

-The Diamond Sutra is a holy book that gives the lesson to not be blinded by other people's doings and for you to do what you think is right.



-Muslims believe in Allah as their one and only god for they are monotheistic.

-They believe in the Day of Judement where every human being will be assessed whether they go to heaven or hell.

-Predestination is the belief that Allah, their god, knows all that was and all that is to come. But this doesn't keep people from making their own choices.


-The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims and before they enter, they take off their shoes as a sign of respect.

-Muslims have to pray at least five times a day at certain times of day to be considered a Muslim.


-Ashura is a day of fasting for Sunni since the early days of the Muslim community.

-Eid al-Fitr marks the end of fasting and it also shows thanks to Allah for helping them to have self control.


-The Muslim religion came from the early Arabic culture. The word Muslim translates to "one sho submits to god" in Arabic.

-The Muslim community spread through the Middle East through conquest. Also this conquest was religion based, it was also based on greed and politics.

Holy Book-

-Quran is the holy book/text of Islam and it contained the acknowledgement of Allah.