Monthly Library Report

September 2015

What's New?

We have had a great start to the school year in the library! We have implemented the new Library Trac sign in stations to track individual student use and class use of the library. We have also implemented a self-circulation station for students to use to do their own book checkout. We are continuing to update our space to be even more student-centered. Mrs. Ballard and Mrs. Adams coordinated a PD session for teachers on the use ActivInspire software. The PD was presented by Mr. Ben Wagner from the Office of Digital Learning.

Student and Class Use This Month:

Individual Student Use:

This month, 414+ students visited the library individually for a variety of reasons as represented on the graphs below. (This month's data may be slightly lower than accurate as students are still becoming familiar with the sign in process.)
Big image
Big image

Class Use:

A total of 45 classes visited the library this month as depicted on the graph below. Among these classes were 6th grade Reading and ELA classes who visited the library for a two part Library Orientation and an introduction to the EasyBib online citation tool for creating MLA bibliographies for their research papers on a legend or phenomenon. Also included in this number are the 7th and 8th grade ELA classes who visited for book talks and book checkout.
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What's Next?

  • Black Eyed Susan Nominated books for 2015-2016 have arrived and we'll be inviting Reading and ELA classes in to hear book talks and have an opportunity to check out these amazing titles!
  • We plan to start up our Makerspace events again in October. These events were extremely popular last year and we loved seeing our the creativity and innovation of our Holabird students. Our first event will be to decoupage our library lounge table with book pages! We also have plans to expand our Makerspace work area by weeding some outdated and little used reference books and turning the bookshelves to create a nook where we can keep bins of materials and provide students a designated place to work.
  • 7th and 8th grade students will be invited in to receive an intro to EasyBib for creating their bibliographies for PBAs and other other projects.
  • Mrs. Adams will be working with a small group of native Spanish speaking students from Ms. Mason's Spanish classes on enrichment research activities.