How is Mr.Scrooge doing after 10 years.

Me: Hello Mr.Scrooge is it ok if we ask you some questions?

Mr.Scrooge: Why of course!!

Me: Mr.Scrooge, you were once known as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!” How would you describe yourself now? What would you say caused this change?

Mr.Scrooge: I would say that i’m a much better person now than I was. I would say because I got the hint that nobody really liked me that much because I was so very rude.

Me: What was most important to you in the past? What is most important to you now?

Mr.Scrooge: I would say that my money was the most important to me. I like spending time with my nephew and his wife for the holidays.

Me: What is your deepest regret about the past? Why is that such a cause of regret?

Mr.Scrooge: My deepest regret is not spending time with the family I had before they passed.

Me: Since you have changed, which deed are you proudest of and why?

Mr.Scrooge: Well last month I went to an orphanage, and I felt like a really good person . I’m planning on going back on the 28th.

Me: How has becoming a philanthropist affected the way you feel about others? How has it changed you?

Mr.Scrooge: I know that I am more of a people person and instead of yelling at my friends and family I go visit them every weekend. I go to a charity every Wednesday and I give kids toys and help their families out.

Me: What advice would you give to others, based on your own experience?

Mr.Scrooge: I would say to them do not spend your life being rude to people. Spend your life giving and caring.

Me: How would you like to be remembered? In fact, how would you like your epitaph to read?

Mr.Scrooge: I would like to be remembered as my new self. You know not the mean Scrooge. I would like if people if I had a funeral that I would want them say good things about me like I gave to charities, and would go help families in need.