gail devers

world championship


Gail Devers is a great athlete. she went to sweet water high in high school. she played track and field in high school.then she started playing in Compatishions. she played for a long time soon she started to feel a sharp pain wen soon she started to slow down soon it got to a point were she could not walk she would have to get carried to the bathroom. then it started to get worse stuff started to come out of her foot.soon she got kicked off the final's then she started to do a slow jog then a fast jog then she could run she started to run faster and faster son she got in the 100 meter hurtles wen she got to the last hurtle she tripped over the finish line and came in fifth place and got a sliver medal


she completed in the race then she retired got married and had a baby in 2005.

she left the track with 14 gold medals and she wishes to follow her dreams of opening a day care cinter.


she was the fastest runner in her track and field group.

She was diagnosed with graves disease the side effects are sharp pains in the feet.

in 1990 she was diagnosed with graves disease.

before she had graves disease she would come out to a field and run a mile


i think that Gail Devers is nice,fast,active,and that's all i really liked to study gail i hope i can study her again.