By Michael Arcay


SWAT is a commonly used proper name for law enforcement units,witch use military-style light weapons and specialized tactics and high-risk operations that fall outside of the capabilities of regular,uniformed police."SWAT" commonly used internationally,as a colloquial,generic term for these units.

Important stuff

things to know

-the starting rate in salary is:58,800-88,200

-the average rate in salary is:100,400-107,100

-the top rate in salary is:84,000-126,000

-this job could be dangerous

-you need lots of skills

-it involves allot of traveling

-you might have to move from your home town

-you need a bachler and master degree

-its a noisy crowded workplace

-the skills you need are life saving skills and search and arrest warrant skills

-the main task of the swat team is hostage rescue,riot control,vip protection,resolving high risk arrest warrants and search warrant security at special events

-you need allot of physical strength for is job