The Amazing Orange And Black

Martinsburg High School's Special April Edition

New Covid Dress Code for Next Year

By Joshua Garrido

Covid has affected many things in our lives and has required such precautions as wearing masks. During this school year we could wear masks and attend school. But as the new school year starts there will be a new dress code. This dress code will require students and faculty to wear a hazmat suit and mask while in school and during events in the school building. When entering the building students should already be wearing their suits and masks in order to keep contact to a minimum and keep everyone safe from the virus.

The new dress code is being implemented to keep Covid from spreading. For students to be safe in the school building the new dress code will be enforced. For all returning students two hazmat suits will be provided at the beginning of the school year. Faculty will have extra suits in their classroom for students if their own suit tears. But there are only a limited number of suits, so students should bring an extra from their home. After learning, safety is the number one priority in our school.

As a collective our high school is dedicated to keeping everyone safe. Colin O’Kelley said,” I feel that it could be a good thing if people actually wear them.” With a school full of protected students and faculty, this lowers the possibility of contact with others which can keep the virus from spreading more than usual. With this new dress code Martinsburg High School is moving forward during this pandemic to keep everyone safe.

Chick-fil-A Nuggets Have Vanished From the Menu

By Jason Bednarski

The chicken nuggets that everyone loves from Chick-Fil-A will not be your favorite anymore because they have suddenly vanished from the menu. They have disappeared because of a chicken shortage that has happened due to a production issues at all of the farms and processing plants that supply that chicken. This was caused because of everything being shut down during the worldwide pandemic. According to a Chick-Fil-A spokesperson “ We have had so many shortages of the chicken for our nuggets that we have decided we will not have them on the menu for a while until we have more of a supply of chicken.” Most of the people that go to Chick-Fil-A were very upset when they heard this because it is a great menu item that everyone loves. According to former Martinsburg student Tanner Lucas, “ I can’t believe that, that’s the only reason I went to Chick Fil A. I’m never going back there again after they did this.”

Even though there are a lot of people that like the nuggets there may not be enough people that like the nuggets. So, maybe the fact that the nuggets might not be the most popular thing on the menu could be another reason why Chick-Fil-A would not put them back on the menu once this chicken shortage ends. “ So I think Chick-Fil -A is getting rid of their nuggets because they are no longer a best seller,” said former Martinsburg student Amelia Jenkins. Also, "since there are no nuggets they will have a surplus in dipping sauce like the Chick-Fil-a sauce, polynesian sauce, and honey mustard therefore they might have to figure out another way to get rid of the sauce. “ We have decided to make new menu items that include the sauce so that way we will be able to get rid of the sauce. Also, we have decided to donate some of the sauce to homeless people and people that have had a tough time during this year to put a smile on more people's faces," said Chick-Fil-A spokesperson.

There could be a lot of people that might benefit or just be glad that Chick-Fil-A got rid of their nuggets. Parents are the first to benefit because they will no longer be tempted into buying their kids overpriced chicken nuggets. Also, it will end arguments about which fast food place has the best nuggets because people won’t be able to support their claim if there is nothing to back it up with. Some are just glad the nuggets are gone because they thought the nuggets were overrated or they just don’t like Chick-Fil-A. According to former Martinsburg student Bryce Morris “ I am glad the nuggets are gone. I never liked them anyway.”

Now that the nuggets have been taken off the menu, Chick-Fil-A is trying to decide what to replace the nuggets with. They need to try and keep people happy and make a profit since they won’t have their great money-making item on the menu. They have talked about things from impossible nuggets, fries shaped like the nuggets to make people think they are eating a Chik- Fil-A nugget, and a burger to just see if they can make great burgers and if people would buy a burger from Chick-Fil-A. According to a Chick-Fil-A spokesperson “We have considered many options including veggie nuggets, fries shaped like nuggets, and a burger option. But the board in charge of Chick-Fil-A menu items is still trying to find the best match for a nuggets replacement on the menu to make everyone forget about the nuggets for a while.” Chick-Fil-A still gets a lot of customers coming to their restaurants even though they don’t have the beloved nuggets anymore. That shows that Chick-Fil-A will be able to make it through this disaster without having to panic about going under, because they have loyal customers, with or without nuggets.

Is Martinsburg High Changing Its Mascot?

By Afia Boaitey

There has been lots of talk and speculation about changes occurring at Martinsburg High School in the coming year. More specifically, talk about changing the iconic MHS Bulldog Mascot. Since its creation, the bulldog has represented the boldness and fierceness of Martinsburg High School and made our stellar football team that much more memorable. But after a trying year with COVID-19 and quarantines, the school recognizes that the students have grown and experienced a lot and wanted to reflect that in the school mascot.

Though the students don’t know about plans to change the school mascot yet, the rumors have spread, and they suspect something is up. Kesi Boaitey, an MHS junior, spoke about her expectations if there were a change to occur. Kesi says, “I expect if not the bulldogs, we’d adopt something similar as a mascot like the panthers or the hornets.” Jordyn Endrick, an MHS Senior, says “Bulldogs are overrated! A unique change won’t do any harm,” after being asked about her thoughts on a possible change.

After sitting down with Mr. Sherman, the long-time MHS principal for more details, he revealed, “the effort to change the mascot is to promote a better image of the school and reflect the changes our student body has gone through. This is exclusive information: our front runner for a new mascot right now is a Banana! Being the Martinsburg High School Bananas would make our school standout and send a positive message. Bananas are full of vital nutrients and they change every day as they grow. MHS is the potassium of the banana, where we feed and educate our students, and the growing bananas are the student body! You all are growing and learning every day and a banana perfectly represents that!” Mr. Sherman has plans on gaining the opinion of students before making any drastic changes, but he seems very enthusiastic about the idea of the MHS Bananas. Mr. Sherman does add that any changes will happen next school year.

All Teachers Resigning After This School Year Due to Covid

By Andrea Allen

What will happen to us next school year? This year has been harder and more difficult for teachers. This year they are all going to retire after this school year is done. They are saying they can’t take the stress of doing brick and click at the same time any more. They have been trying to make the best of a challenging situation but they just can’t deal with the stress of being in and out of school all school year long.

The Board of Education and the principal are worrying about what is going to happen next school year and how it is going to work. “How will this work?” “ Who will teach the students next year?” “ Will school close next school year?” These are questions that they are asking themselves.

Mrs. Steckman who teaches Marketing at Martinsburg High School, runs the MHS School Store with the students and advises the DECA Marketing Club explained why she will be resigning, “Next year will be my 13th year of teaching. Based on what happened this year (COVID-19), I have decided that I do not want to risk teaching during year number 13. 13 is an unlucky number in the USA and this year has been unlucky enough. I will tell Mr. Sherman that I just can't. I just can't risk it. I will be resigning at the end of this school year because I can't risk anything happening to my students because they decided to take a class with a teacher who is in year 13 of their Martinsburg High School teaching career. I will miss you guys, but I think i will sail to a deserted island and relax for a year. Maybe I'll come back the following year. Maybe not. Mrs. Steckman is out!”

Even though all teachers love to teach they just can’t deal with the stress of Covid-19. It is looking like next school year everyone will have to be homeschooled by their parents.

Taco Bell Removes Most Popular Items

By Haley Stotler

Taco Bell is one of the world's most beloved fast-food restaurants, but what will happen when on April 1st, their top three menu items are removed? Taco Bell already hit hard when they took away the fiesta potato's, the quesarito, and the mini quesadilla but still managed to be very popular in the industry. Now with even more popular items being gone, how could they possibly go through with this?

The corporation announced that they will be getting rid of all quesadilla’s, crunch wraps, crunch wrap supremes and all crunchy tacos. Corporation said that this had been in the works for months and that they were just trying to find the right time to announce the big surprise. ‘’It is just time for some new items and some older items to start being noticed. We can’t always eat the same thing.’’ Corporation said in a television interview. According to corporation as well, they were talking about also getting rid of some of their signature drinks such as the baja blast, and many different types of freezes. They did announce that the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme will stay, even though the rest of the crunchwraps will be gone. As of right now, corporate is unsure if they would ever bring the items back, even if their sales drop tremendously.

While there are some loyal customers that will still continue to go to Taco Bell and agree this is a good idea for the company, there are some more customers that are not happy with the new dramatic change. Rylee Smith, an MHS student and Taco Bell lover says ‘’The crunchwrap was my favorite thing on the menu so I'm very sad. The crunchy tacos were a staple so it’s pretty crazy to image they’d do that,’’ when asked how she felt about the changes. With these new changes, and maybe new beginnings for the company, maybe this could turn out well. Statistics and polls show otherwise though, and this seems that it will have a great impact on the new Taco Bell customers.

Mars Rover Perseverance Makes a Shocking Find

By Colin O'Kelley

The new Mars Rover, Perseverance, landed just over a month ago on February 18, 2021, and what it has found has shocked scientists.

The Perseverance Rover is the most advanced rover sent to Mars so far. Launched on July 30, 2020, Perseverance, a 2,263-pound rover, travelled a massive distance of 293 million miles. Steve Jurczyk said, “This landing is one of those pivotal moments for NASA, the United States, and space exploration globally- when we know we are on the cusp of discovery and sharpening our pencils, so to speak, to rewrite the textbooks.” This rover must be one of the most important rovers to have ever been launched, because what it finds is amazing, yet terrifying.

On a daily patrol at around 12:03 am (EST), Perseverance was on a daily routine checkup in Jezero Crater, taking images of the area surrounding the crater. About thirty minutes later at 12:35, NASA headquarters received images of what appeared to be a McDonalds sign sitting just above the lip of where the crater falls in. Once NASA received the images everyone was in shock, Thomas Zurok, an associate administrator for science at NASA said, “We’ve never seen anything like it. The only thing there is the sign, and we think that at the bottom of the crater is the rest of the structure, but who knows, at this point we don’t know what is going on.” Every time they try to take a closer image of the sign the photos are coming back in a blur, but they can receive clear images from further away.

Some scientists think it’s an antenna sent by Ronald McDonald himself to hide what might be Martians. The reason for this is because of the staticky photos that are coming back. Although nobody truly knows what is going on McDonalds is currently being barraged with questions as suspicion of their company is arising. Conspiracy theorists believe that McDonalds provides major in funding for Area 51 and the reason the sign is in space is because they wanted the Martians to have a McDonalds to enjoy while on Mars. Also, these theorists believe that McDonalds tried to destroy the evidence of their construction of a McDonalds on Mars and tried to destroy it. This may be why the crater is there in the first place is because of the bomb they sent. However, they must’ve messed up as the sign remains.

All these theories are extremely crazy and could be true, but the scarier thing to think about is if they are true are there really aliens on Mars?

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West Virginia Splits Again

By Jakob Zittle

West Virginia has split for the second time! 157 years after West Virginia split from Virginia during the Civil War, it splits again! The southern part of the state has seceded to form its own state called Kanawha. This comes as a shock to all political officials and it will shake up the national government. It has said they have seceded because of the vastly different economic balance between the southern part of the state and the northern part of the state.

The border of the new state will cutoff Mason, Putnam, Kanawha, Fayette, Summers, and Monroe counties, including all counties west. The economical difference between the newly-formed Kanawha and what will still be West Virginia is vast. Kanawha is a coal-heavy industry and outside of Kanawha County is quite rural. Political differences also made up of a large part of the secession. The counties in Kanawha have almost always voted Republican will most likely continue to do so. The people of Kanawha were tired of the entirety of West Virginia voting democrat during some elections, like the 2008 presidential election. This secession will also change the scope of the national government, whereas there will now be 102 senators in the Senate, with each state getting one representative in the House.

West Virginia now has to find a new capital, and they are leaving that decision up for a vote amongst the people. The options are Fairmont, Morgantown, and Martinsburg and you get to decide. As I already said, the new make up of West Virginia will only have one representative in the House and will keep two senators. Martinsburg High student, Colin O'Kelley explained, "This has come as a huge shocker to everyone in the country, as no one expected this to happen." O'Kelley also added, "What I'm really surprised about is the fact that this wasn't found out about by anyone besides the people of Kanawha, and that this information wasn't leaked by anyone at all. I wonder why it was kept under wraps."

This news has come as a shocker to us all, and we are excited to see where it will take us.

New FACS Mask Making Class Added to Schedule

By Liz Hausafus

This past school year has been greatly affected by COVID in many unfortunate ways. One change that we are all getting familiar with is the mask mandate that is enforced in school. Some people have enjoyed the ability to cover most of their face in public, while others not so much. Either way, it seems that mask wearing is not going away anytime soon. However, to try to make these face coverings more enjoyable Martinsburg High School has decided to introduce a new mask making class!

The mask making class would be an addition to the FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) classes, which have not been receiving a lot of attention in the past few years. These classes hold some of the most valuable home economic life lessons that each student should know. This class will be very student oriented and most of the grades will come from group projects. In the FACS mask making class you will have the ability to choose different fabrics and designs to create your own unique masks. If you are interested in dyes, sewing, and designing then this is the class for you!

I asked a few students about their interest in this upcoming class. MHS senior Rylee Smith said, “The new mask making class seems like a wonderful way to incorporate COVID safety into student’s creativity.” MHS senior Xavier Jenkins said, “This class is an exciting way to promote mask wearing, while allowing students to engage into the fashion aspect of face coverings.”

There also will be opportunities to incorporate digital designs onto the masks as well. Some of the classes’ biggest projects consist of designing masks for sports teams, dance, and choir. You will be able to work with the members of those teams to create a design that will represent their activity. Another addition that is in the works is to design masks for the theatre class. This would require the students to create certain masks that would correlate with the time period and costumes of the cast and play. If you are interested in the FACS Mask Making Class, please contact your counselor!

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New Virus Cancels 2021 Falls Sports

By Amira Galdwell

This past year, we had the deadly Coronavirus hit the world killing hundreds of thousands of people. However, there has been a new outbreak that the government has yet to tell us about. A confirmed source has identified the virus as the Anemeticvirus. The source, Nathan Gladwell, confirms that the virus was being tested and contained at the FBI base in Quantico, Virginia. While testing the virus to find its symptoms, one of the lab rats escaped. Anything that came in contact, physical touch, with the rat developed the virus. However, there are no visible symptoms therefore, the virus is undetectable. It causes your blood to turn thick and black. The estimated expectancy of life once you contract the virus is 36-48 hours.

According to Agent Gladwell, an FBI agent stationed in Winchester, Virginia, gave a statement on the new virus. “I haven’t worked at the base since my daughter was young. She’s fifteen now, so it was at least 15 years ago. While I worked there, I remember the virus being tested. They had they lab close for weeks. No one was allowed in there without a hazmat suit. When I left the base, they had told everyone that they had quit the studies because it was too dangerous. Only recently I learned that they built a lab 35 stories underground so the virus couldn’t hurt anyone.”

Since, the virus is spread through physical contact, all fall sports have been canceled until further notice. This virus doesn’t affect only elderly people or people with autoimmune diseases, but everyone. People in the highly contained hospitals have died at all ages. This virus doesn’t care how old you are. Many people who contract the virus realize they have it after it’s too late. Doctors have noticed that everyone who has had the disease has a decreased size in their heart. When morticians do the autopsies, they have noticed that the human heart decreased by twice the size.

The virus broke out last week and all national security agencies have been on high alert because they don’t want word getting out that the United States let out this deadly virus. The world is just starting to recover from COVID-19. Many people may not be able to handle another quarantine or losing anymore family members.

Scientists are struggling to figure out why the virus turns the blood thick and black. Many think it’s because of pollution or radiation, but more test are being done, as well as the creation of a cure.

Presidential Order Requires Martinsburg Residents to Stay Put for 10 Years

By Addie Hughes

Everyone knows how hard COVID-19 hit our country. No one ever thought we would still be feeling the effects a year later. “Two weeks” everyone said. Now it is looking more like two years. Under our new presidency, a new decision has recently surfaced. In order to end the Corona Virus once and for all, we have to all follow this rule. Wherever you are currently living, you must stay in that city for the next 10 years.

It has been decided the only way to rid the world of this disease is containing everyone in their current town. For the next ten years, every citizen in the entire country cannot leave the city limits. Martinsburg residents must remain in Martinsburg just as Inwood residents must stay in Inwood. We are lucky that in such a time of despair, delivery methods and online ordering have become such a great thing to access. Senior Xavier Jenkins comments on how difficult this will be as he was supposed to leave for college. “I was really looking forward to this new point in my life. I was ready to leave this town,” he states. He does realize, however, that this must be done. The public is angry and confused, but slowly realizing we must take this step to return to normal one day.

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The Fate of Martinsburg High School Holographic Lunches

By Valerie Clabaugh

WV school board decided on April 1st that school lunches will be served through a hologram. Many students at Martinsburg High school are taking online classes, so administration decided to do the same with all food products at Martinsburg. Holographic lunches will be a step in the future for all schools, and soon the whole world. Many new decisions are being made on this important matter. As well as many new studies being done on the holograms and their food.

The WV school board stated, “Holographic lunches will be able to serve healthy, cost efficient, and different foods from around the world. Satisfaction comes from the imagination of food.” Many scientists back up this information and have extensive studies on the holograms. The idea of holograms started with the famous quote from Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”The holograms will be set in all cafeterias and homes and will project any food the individual desires. A scientist from University of Oxford states that, “Hologram food is the food of the future. Soon all people will have holograms in their home for different uses. The food always comes out perfect, even without the actual taste.” All these new holograms will be funded by Covid-19 funds.

Covid-19 has spread faster than ever before through contaminated food. These holograms are proven to cut back the risk of infection by 100% ( Side effects of the lack of nutrients and fulfillment of the food are only a small risk compared to the big infection of Covid-19. More small side effects of the holographic food may include radiation poisoning, constant hunger, irritability, sleep issues, dizziness, poor mental concentration, etc.

( The holographic food will be the safest choice for all students and faculty. If students or faculty choose not to have the holographic lunches, they must eat 50 feet outside the building. They will also have to pay a fee of 100 dollars for the waste of holographic food.

The new way of eating will bring on lots of other technical innovations, such as holographic pencils, pens, erasers, and all school supplies. The food will keep people happy and healthy through their time at Martinsburg High School. These holograms are supported by scientists, parents, and all medical professionals. Students will have no worries about their food. The holograms do not affect people’s taste, allergies, or preference, so all people will be satisfied. They are currently being installed in Martinsburg High and will be sent to all click students soon. The WV school administration hopes all students and faculty enjoy their new holographic lunches.

Standing Desks Only for MHS Students

By Jadelynn Joseph

Ever since Covid-19 hit, going to school has been back-and-forth between online at home and in-person. The covid numbers have increased and decreased causing students to have to adjust between the constant switches being made. For a long period of time, students were stuck just working at home due to Berkeley County being in red on the WV color map and not being able to attend school normally. Working from home this year has been luxury for some of the students. They get to sleep however long they think they can and wake up to complete their work laying down in their beds. Laying down doing their work has caused laziness and bad posture, but Martinsburg High School has a simple solution to fix these problems.

The solution to this problem was made in an announcement by Martinsburg High School saying that all students are required to have standing desks to fix their posture. Sitting down, slouching in bed all day isn’t good for your body. Poor posture can cause back pain, neck pain, headaches, poor sleep, lack of motivation, disrupted digestion, spinal dysfunction/curvature, joint degeneration, and rounded shoulders. To prevent these things from happening standing desks will be used. Standing desks do not come with a chair, but they have adjustable legs, so that you can raise the desk to a comfortable height applicable to the students’ reach. Each of the standing desks are made of stainless steel and have a review of 5/5 stars. They aren’t available at stores right now because Martinsburg High School is the only school right now to have announced their usage for the upcoming year. The standing desks are going to change this generation’s laziness and fix their posture. This is something everyone should look forward to having.

Coach Sherman Plans Throwback Football Style for Next Season

By Naieem Kearney

Every year the Martinsburg football program receives a new piece of equipment to make the team better whether it is a new field, helmets, or jerseys. Every player on the team looks forward to this moment of the new season. But... it sounds like that is going to change for this new football season coming up.

The way Coach Sherman was talking it seems like he wants to visit the old ages of football for the entire season! He was going on and on about how today kids will never know what it was like to play football back in the day and he wanted his kids to experience it at first hand. “It's about time we take them back to the old times,” said Coach Sherman. The main idea to this was to make all the MHS Alums that have played football happy, it will remind them of back in the days of when they played football.

When Coach Sherman talks about taking the team back, he means the back to 1986. Yes, that is right, no more turf grass, no more Adidas jerseys, and no more speed flex helmets. From now on, the jerseys will be the old school baggy uniforms. The helmets will all be single barred with no protection. Say goodbye to the nice leather footballs also, the traditional pig skin balls will be back in session. Hopefully, the upcoming bulldogs will enjoy their fresh look!

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