The Star Gazer

November 7-11

New Information

Our Veteran's Day Assembly will be Friday morning. This is our 4th grade music performance for the year. Parents of 4th graders are welcome to attend. We would also invite any Veteran and their family members to join us for this celebration. There will be a reception for the Veteran's and family from 7:45-8:15 and the assembly will begin immediately after. We are also selling small flags to be placed in the lawn for $1 to honor a Veteran. Money and forms are due by Tuesday.

Lunch for the week:

Monday- Creamy Lunch Pak or Fried Rice

Tuesday- Tacos or Mike Bites

Wednesday- Chicken Ranch Pasta or Mini Burgers

Thursday- Spaghetti or French Bread Pizza

Friday- Sub Sandwich or Corn Dog

Here are a few things to mark your calendar for!

Nov 7th- PTA Meeting 6:00 pm

Nov 9th- Picture Retakes

Nov 11th- Veteran's Day Assembly and 4th grade program 8:15 am

Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

Nurse Morgan's Medical Morsel

The cold and flu season is upon us. We have seen lots of illnesses and sent many children home. Although we want children to attend school, there are times when it would be better, for your child and the school, to stay home. It can be hard to decide, so are some guidelines to help:

  • Your child should be fever or vomiting-free (without medication) for 24 hours prior to coming to school. This means if your child is sent home with fever over 100° or vomiting, they may not come back to school the next day.

  • Most children can stay in school with a minor cold. This means no fever, clear nasal drainage, and generally feeling okay.

If your child complains of not feeling well before school, please refrain from telling him/her to call you if he/she does not feel better. Almost every child will immediately ask to see me, tell me what you said, and say he/she needs to go home. A good alternative to this is to call or email me ( and let me know about your concerns. Assess your child in the morning (including temperature check with a thermometer). If they don’t need to stay home, tell him/her that he/she is fever-free and needs to attend school. If anything changes during the day, we will definitely be in contact with you.

Repeated Information

Bright Star Awards

We are reinstating the Bright Star Awards among faculty and students. Please use this form to nominate a staff member or student who exemplifies our mission of working hard, being kind, and shining bright! We will announce winners in the mornings on the announcements and post the award winners on social media.

Staff Appreciations

We think our staff is the Best in the Universe and we love to show them appreciation each week for their hard work! We would love to have your help in our efforts. Choose a week to sign-up to send items or funds to cover items. We will reach out to you the week before to see how you'd like to contribute. Some items we have done: bagel bars, ice cream, Sonic drinks, pies, etc. Parents who contribute funds typically send around $75 through our Shaw Hospitality Venmo account. Click here if you would like to sign up to sponsor a week.

Text Messages

This year we will use an opt-in text messaging system. This will give you the ability to add any numbers you would like. Please use this link to sign-up. We will use this system to send out the school closings, PTA announcements and remind you of upcoming events.

Sign up for Text Messages Here


The PTA Newsletter is linked below. Please check it out so you know what is happening in the coming weeks!

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Bright Star Award Nomination

Use this link to nominate a student or staff member for the Bright Star Award!