Room 212 News #30

April 20, 2015

Tuesday - Field Trip to the Hands-On Museum

We have two parents coming along. One more chaperone is welcome to attend.

International Festival - April 23

This year’s International Festival is at Bryant Elementary on Thursday, April 23 from 6:00-7:30pm. Please join us for entertainment, food, games, a raffle, and more. We need volunteers to make this event a success! Click here to print and fill out the volunteer form if you are able to help.

Our class will be joining with Mr. Brines to study about the country of Mexico! Last week we heard several stories in Spanish and we have been finding out about life in Mexico, the land and climate, and of course the language and food!

Wednesday - Earth Day of Service

Our class will be outside for Day of Service on the West Playground from 9:45-10:30. You are welcome to join us then, but assistance is also welcome throughout the day.

Earth Day/Day of Service: Students, staff, and parent volunteers will participate in beautifying our schools on Earth Day,Wednesday, April 22. If you are interested in supporting these efforts at either Bryant or Pattengill, please contact parent coordinator Adam Jurevicius at:

Earth Dome at Bryant on Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon, our class will tour the inside of the Earth! The Earth Dome will be set up in the gym to give students a chance to see and understand the Earth in a unique way.

Volunteer During Centers!

This year we've been fortunate to have many U of M students either interning or volunteering in our classroom. Soon our college students will be finishing their semester and moving on. We welcome help during guided reading and centers if you are available. Monday and Tuesday at 9:50, Wednesday at 10:00 and Thursday at 10:50.
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Defining Shapes

Before break we began looking at shapes and asking, what attributes do some shapes share? For example, a triangle always has three sides and three vertices (corners). Sometimes a triangle may be thin, or wide, or green - but it always has certain characteristics.

Dates to Remember:

  • 4/21Field Trip to Hands On Museum - chaperones welcome
  • 4/22 Earth Day of Service - volunteers needed
  • 4/23 International Festival 6:00-7:30
  • 4/28 Field Trip to Little Mermaid Play
  • 4/28 Reading Workshop with Mrs. I at Bryant, 6:30

Healthy Snack Sign-up

Students really enjoy having fruit and other healthy foods for snack. Here is the link to our snack sign-up if you would like to send something in on a Wednesday or Friday.